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Waterco M2149
Ful Flo Cartridge Filter

Item #: AMM2149  MPN : M2149

$669.20 - $703.35

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Waterco M2149 Ful Flo Cartridge Filter Description

Own a Ful Flo Cartridge Filter from Waterco.

Here at Aqua-Man we install primarily Waterco filters. We find them to be long lasting and reliable. We can recommend them without reservation.

Made from specially engineered polymers, the Ful Flo Cartridge Filters outer casting is capable of withstanding the highest pressure a pool is likely to provide. It also has a unique and convenient split ring design for easy removal of the elements for cleaning and servicing.

Waterco Ful Flo Cartridge Filter Features:

● Specially Engineered Polymer Tank Construction Resists Pressure Failure.

● Split Ring Design For Easy Service.

● Five Year Warranty.

Waterco Ful Flo Cartridge Filter Sizing Chart:

Model #
Filter Area
Max Flow
*Max Pool Size
19 in.
33 in.
200 Sq. Ft.
172 GPM
36,000 Gal.
19 in
41 in.
300 Sq. Ft.
172 GPM
54,000 Gal.
19 in.
50 in.
400 Sq. Ft.
172 GPM
72,000 Gal.

*Maximum pool size based on 8 hour turn over.