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Aqua-Flo Pump M4992
Flo-Master FMXP2 48-Frame, Spa Pump

Quick Overview

  • Can be used as substitute or retrofit to Waterway model EX2 or EX2e pumps
  • 16" L X 8" W X 8" D
  • 2’’ intake and discharge

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Item #: AMM4992  MPN : M4992

$311.55 - $400.20

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5 options available.
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Aqua-Flo Pump M4992 Flo-Master FMXP2 48-Frame, Spa Pump Description

This is a modern design high output Flo-Master XP2 Spa Pump from Aqua-Flo.

This pump is designed for extra performance in portable spa applications. The Aqua-Flo Flo-master XP2 Spa Pump is designed for today's large many-jetted spas that require increased flow.

Aqua-Flo is an industry leader in spa pumps and has been making trusted spa specialty pumps for decades.

The Aqua-Flo Flo-master XP2 Spa pump is a direct replacement for the discontinued Waterway Super-Flo pump. It will fit for the 2 x 2 Super-Flo without plumbing modification., and it has a nearly identical flow curve. If replacing a Waterway Super-Flo pump greater than 3 Hp , use the 3 Hp Aqua-Flo. There is little difference in flow between the 3 and 4 horsepower Super-Flo pump.

Product Features

  • Compact, unitized, single spring elastomer bellows mechanical seal offers maximum durability and performance
  • Available in one or two speed models
  • Quick release compression fittings allow for easy installation or maintenance.
  • Outstanding flow rates will allow you to use a lower HP pump to do the same job.