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Waterco M4390
Exotuf Sand Filters With Dial Valve

Item #: AMM4390  MPN : M4390

$259.90 - $339.00

Diameter Selection

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Waterco M4390 Exotuf Sand Filters With Dial Valve Description

Own a high quality sand filter from Waterco.

Waterco thermoplastic sand filters incorporate the latest in molding techniques. Being injection molded allows for a uniform wall thickness through-out the tank and a smooth high quality finish.

While other manufactures shorten their warranties, Waterco still offers a full five year tank warranty on it's sand filters.

Here at Aqua-man we install many Waterco Filters every year. We are usually replacing lesser quality filters from other manufacturers.

Waterco is proud to show its ultimate confidence in their Thermoplastic sand filters by offering a full 2 year tank Warranty.

All of our Waterco sand filters come complete with a multiport backwash valve complete with hookup unions.

Sizing Chart:

Model #
Filter Area
Sand Reqd.
Max Flow
*Max Pool Size
16 in.
31 in.
1.4 Sq. Ft.
90 Lbs.
27 GPM
9,800 Gal.
18 in.
34 in.
1.7 Sq. Ft.
165 Lbs.
34 GPM
12,250 Gal.
20 in.
32 in.
2.1 Sq. Ft.
200 Lbs.
42 GPM
15,000 Gal.
24 in.
34 in.
3.1 Sq. Ft.
265 Lbs.
60 GPM
23,000 Gal.

*Maximum pool size based on 6 hour turn over.