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Standard 70-20041-TE
Element - Tefel Coated -

Item #: AM90048  MPN : 70-20041-TE



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Standard 70-20041-TE Element - Tefel Coated - Description

This is a universal spiral coil spa heater element. The element coil is Tefel coated, which protects the element and helps it last much longer than non-coated elements. It can be used in many brands of spa heaters, both 120 and 240 volt applications. The epoxy bulkhead generally lasts much longer than a regular stainless steel bulkhead. Connection nuts for the electrical terminals are included with the element.

This Element fits the Hydro-Quip Versa Low Flow Heater.

Heater Element Specifications:

  • Voltage: Convertible - 120 or 240 Volt.
  • Output: 1.0 kW at 120 Volt - 4.0 kW at 240 Volt.
  • Length: 4-1/2".
  • Terminal Bulkheads: Epoxy Style.
  • Element Coating: Tefel Coated.