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Hayward M6022
Ecostar Variable Speed PumpT

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Hayward M6022 Ecostar Variable Speed PumpT Description

Hayward - EcoStar

The Hayward EcoStar pump is the industry's most energy efficient variable speed pump, thanks to a super-efficient perminate magnet, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor and industry leading hydraulic design. Tests prove that EcoStar can save pool owners up to 90% on energy costs compared to ordinary single speed pumps. EcoStar can match pump flow to a pool's needs, versus running at full power 100% of the time.

Hayward - EcoStar Pool Pump Features:

  • Industry leading hydraulic design, super efficient permanent magnet motor saves up to $1,500* in energy costs year after year.
  • Revolutionary digital control interface rotates to 4 different positions on the pump or can be wall mounted.
  • Quiet by design.
  • Title 20 compliant.
  • Fully programmable, self-contained 24-hour time clock with up to 8 custom speed and timer functions.
  • No additional controller or time clock needed.

EcoStar® and EcoStar® SVRS Brochure (LITECOSB11)
Energy Solutions Brochure_2011.pdf
Hayward Energy Solutions® (LITESB10)
EcoStar® Manual