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Jandy 7425
Conversion Kit for Compool 100, 1000, 38

Item #: AM20375  MPN : 7425



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Jandy 7425 Conversion Kit for Compool 100, 1000, 38 Description


Move up to AquaLink RS power with Jandy Conversion Kits. Simply convert your old AquaLink, Ji Series, and Compool Controls to the latest and greatest AquaLink RS. No household rewiring is required!


• Simpler programming and control of filter pump, spa switch-over, pool and spa heater, solar and up to 32 auxiliary circuits
• An attractively styled, sleek and compact indoor control panel
• Indoor display of water and air temperatures
• Custom software and decal labeling of all functions
• Infinite program back-up for power outages
• Automatic equipment safety circuits and freeze protection
• Equipment service and time-out modes at Power Center
• Built-in self diagnostics
• Lockout the complete system, individual devices and Spa-sides from the indoor control panel

System Includes:

OneTouch Control Panel, Power Center Bezel with Printed Circuit Board Water Temperature Sensor and Wall Plate Adapter.Note: Compool Conversion Kits fit Compool's LX10 plastic Power Centers only

Note: Compool Conversion Kits fit Compool's LX10 plastic Power Centers Only