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Waterway Plastics M5982
Clearwater In-line Chemical Feeder

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Waterway Plastics M5982 Clearwater In-line Chemical Feeder Description

ClearWater automatic chlorinators provide safe and reliable pool sanitation. ClearWater’s durable flow valve has been improved to better adjust for regulating chlorine or bromine flow and for more accurate settings. The valve dial is designed for easy viewing and the internal valve chamber eliminates the need for an external hose on the in-line model.


• Clear vessel design simplifies knowing when to add chemicals (also available in white)


• 2" socket x 2 1/2" spigot (1 1/2" socket reducers included)
• A check valve to prevent backflow of water into chlorinator
• Attaches to optional Accessory Base (CABASE) with In-line Chlorinator Bracket (550-6700) for use with ClearWater pumps and filters
• Internal chamber designed for improved performance