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Raypak 013331
Classic Series - Digital Titanium Pool Heat Pump 130,000 BTU - 240 Volt


Reg. Price: $4,427.72

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Raypak 013331 Classic Series - Digital Titanium Pool Heat Pump 130,000 BTU - 240 Volt Description

Raypak R8350ti-E Classic Series Digital Pool Heat Pump

The Raypak Classic Series Heat Pump is a High Efficiency Heat Pump carrying the backing of the Raypak brand name. The R8350ti-E 130,000 BTU pool heat pump is made to last with a rugged steel cabinet – polyester coated like all major brand outdoor home air conditioners.

Raypak brings a self diagnostic display for ease of use and convenience, helping both home owner and heating professionals. The Raypak can be hooked to almost any pool/spa automation System.

Raypak 130,000 BTU Swimming Pool Heat Pump Features

  • Scroll Compressor – While many heat pumps still have piston compressors, Raypak uses a quieter and more efficient scroll compressor design. The unique design of a scroll compressor lets them “wear in” over time instead of wearing out.
  • Large Air Coils - Raypak is the only pool heat pump company who manufactures their own heat coils. Using a high tech “raised lance” fin design specifically made for your heaters design needs.
  • Raypak Exclusive DuraSteel™ Cabinet - The heat pump cabinet is a polyester powder coated steel cabinet, same steel construction as on all major brand air conditioners. More durable then plastic cased heat pumps.
  • Sound Isolation for Quiet Operation- Cabinet is constructed with sound isolation pads. This helps prevent sound transfer to the equipment pad and elevates the base to assist water drainage.
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger - Durable spiraled Titanium Heat Exchanger Tube resists harsh pool chemistry damage.
  • Internal Flow Control - Automatic internal bypass helps keep your heat pump running at peak efficiency as pool conditions change (like the filter gets dirty).
  • High Capacity 3000 CFM Fan - Provides excellent energy transfer, coupled with a Venturi Fan Cowling built right in = more air where it is needed without unwanted air gaps and dead zones.
  • Digital Controls - Self Diagnostic and Easy to Understand
  • 2” Quick Connect Unions - with offset connections for ease of plumbing.

Raypak M8350ti-E Classic Series Pool Heat Pump Warranty:

5 Years Parts / 1 Year Labor (5 Years Parts / 2 Years Labor in Florida) – If installed at a single family residential dwelling.
1 Year Parts / 1 Year Labor - If installed in any other sort of location.