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Bio-Dex FC032
Bio-Dex - Filter Cleaner

Item #: AM22607  MPN : FC032



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Bio-Dex FC032 Bio-Dex - Filter Cleaner Description

Bio-Dex Filter Cleaner works to clean cartridge, sand, or diatomaceous earth swimming pool filters.

Bio-Dex Filter Cleaner Features:

  • Effectively and quickly removes scale, rust, oils, grease and most soils from filters.
  • Non Carcinogenic.
  • Improves Filtration.
  • Safe to Equipment.
  • Environmentally Friendly.

Helpful Suggestion:

For improved filtration results, water circulation and water clarity, add Bio-Dex Clearex 500 Water Clarifier to pool water as per directions on Clearex 500 label.