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A & A Manufacturing 522159
Auto Fill, Tan

Item #: AM4350  MPN : 522159



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A & A Manufacturing 522159 Auto Fill, Tan Description

With Quik Water Leveler you'll never be caught off guard while leaving your pool unattended. The Quik Water Leveler automatically regulates the water level of your pool to give you the peace of mind you need when you're away from home. There's no need to worry about pump burnout or damage to your home or deck due to irregular water levels.

Added Convenience
Peace of Mind
Works 24 hours a day
Eliminates Unsightly and Unsafe Hoses
Eliminates Property Damage
No Babysitting Your Pool
No Pump Burnout
No Backyard Flooding
No Underfilling
No Time Wasting Fill-Ups
Available in White or Tan Lids

The Quik Water Leveler is a simple, low cost device that serves you 24 hours a day. It is permanently built into your new pool and conveniently located in the deck. It may be easily regulated to any water level that you desire and requires virtually no maintenance.

It's the ultimate answer to the water level concerns that all pool owners share. So, while you're planning your new pool, be sure to include the Quik Water Leveler. You'll truly appreciate the extra convenience and peace of mind.