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Waterco M65
Aquastream Pool Pump

This is an obsolete Item
Item# Name MPN Stock/Price Replaced By
AM51963 Aquastream Pump 1/2 HP 245050 Obsolete 51958
AM51964 Aquastream Pump 3/4 HP 245075 Obsolete 51959
AM51965 Aquastream Pump 1 HP 245100 Obsolete 51960
AM51966 Aquastream Pump 1-1/2 HP 245150 Obsolete 51961
AM51967 Aquastream Pump 2 HP 245200 Obsolete 51962

Waterco M65 Aquastream Pool Pump Description

Waterco has discontinued the Aquastream pump. The best replacement for the Aquastream is a Waterco Supastream pump.

The Aquastream Pool Pump from Waterco is well known for its quietness and reliability. Simple to operate and easy to maintain, the Aquastream is ideal for both new and existing installations. Complete with 1-1/2" quick connect unions, large basket and clear lid allows for easy maintenance and service.