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U.S. Seal Manufacturers PS-1000
5/8" Mechanical Seal

Item #: AM11547  UPC : 842524105461  MPN : PS-1000



 Not Available
This is an obsolete Item

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U.S. Seal Manufacturers PS-1000 5/8" Mechanical Seal Description


    1) Remove both halves of the old seal from the impeller and pump housing.

    2) Apply a thin bead of RTV silicone around the back side of the flange on the metal cup holding the spring.

    3) Place a 1" PVC coupler over the spring to avoid damaging the graphite ring and tap the seal in with a hammer.

    4) Press the other half of the seal against the back of the impeller with the white porcelain facing out.

    5) Try to avoid touching the white porcelain and the black carbon/graphite surfaces of the seal. If you do, dress them with an alcohol wipe before reinstalling the impeller.