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Rainbow (PENTAIR) R201296
29" Pro-Vac Flexible Vacuum #229

Item #: AM26  UPC : 788379006686  MPN : R201296



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Rainbow (PENTAIR) R201296 29" Pro-Vac Flexible Vacuum #229 Description

These patented vac heads will clean a pool bottom in up to half the time, even with low flow suction. Unique suction chamber concentrates vacuum belocity from both ends as well front to back. Has metal swivel handle on stainless steel shaft and strategically placed weights for balance and ease of operation. Adjustable wheels increase or decrease vacuum velocity and special flex strips guide debris into exclusive suction chamber.
Each Pro-Vac is assembled with white "short leg" strips for leaves and large debris. A blue "long leg" strip is included for sand, silt and fine debris. Replacements available in 5 ft. lengths.