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Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) M3295
280 Pool Cleaner

Item #: AMM3295  MPN : M3295

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Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) M3295 280 Pool Cleaner Description

Polaris's most popular automatic pool cleaner, the dependable Polaris 280 easily connects to a dedicated pressure line. Powered by double jets and a separate booster pump, the 280 is suitable for all in-ground pools. It sweeps, scrubs, and vacuums the bottom, walls, and steps of the pool. It also traps large debris like leaves and pebbles in its own filter bag. A booster pump is required unless your pool already has one installed. The Polaris 380 pool cleaner is available in blue and white, a the BlackMax Model, which is designed for pools with a dark surface, and a TankTrax model for vinyl liner pools.
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