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Jandy 8034
2 in 1 Neverlube Backwash Valve Less Unions


Reg. Price: $182.66

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Jandy 8034 2 in 1 Neverlube Backwash Valve Less Unions Description

This Jandy NeverLube Backwash Valve incorporated Jandy's outstanding NeverLube Valve technology into a sand or D.E. filter backwash valve. The straight-through hydraulic design optimizes flow and hydraulic efficiency as well.

The internal seal never needs lubrication and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Jandy NeverLube Backwash Valve Features:

  • Lifetime Warranty on Diverter Seal.
  • Works on Sand or DE Filters.
  • Standard 8" center to center connection.
  • Optional Versa-Couplers allow adjustment from 7" to 9" on Filter Tank Connections.
  • Three simple functions - Filter, Bypass & Waste.

System Brochure
NeverLube Backwash Valve Sell Sheet
NeverLube Backwash Valve Installation Manual