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Gecko / Aqua-flo WUA200-II
2 HP, LX Spa Pump 2 Speed 230V

Item #: AM116839  MPN : WUA200-II



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This is an obsolete Item

Gecko / Aqua-flo WUA200-II 2 HP, LX Spa Pump 2 Speed 230V Description

Powerful Water technology limited
Two Speed LX SPA & Pool Pump: WUA series spa pool pump is 2 speed pump designed for SPA large-pool usage in North American that can achieve to high-speed for massage and low speed for filter and cycle functions; 2-1/2” inlet and outlet for high-performance and low-noise perfected for SPA system and swimming pool; Pump housing could be 90°flexible installation for easy pipe work. Liquids part is made of high reinforce engineering plastic; applied mechanical seal type ensure watertight in long-time continuous operation. WUA series is recognized and accepted products by SPA manufacturers.


  • One or Two Speed Pumps
  • High-speed for massage and low speed for filter/cycle functions
  • 2” intake and discharge for high-performance
  • Low Noise
  • Wetend can be rotated 90° for flexible installation and easy pipe work
  • Mechanical seal to ensure watertight operation

NOTE - Does not include unions or pump cord

Additional Information
Horsepower 2
Voltage 230
Amps 8.0/3.0
Intake and Discharge 2" MBT
Frame Size LX large frame (LX56)