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Sta-Rite (PENTAIR) C105-238PBA
1.5HP Impeller

Item #: AM28375  UPC : 788379734336  MPN : C105-238PBA



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Sta-Rite (PENTAIR) C105-238PBA 1.5HP Impeller Description

Closed face impeller for pool pump by Sta-Rite/Pentair. Rated at 1.5hp and must be installed on a 1.5hp (or greater) square flange motor with a threaded shaft.

Product Specifications

Impeller TypeClosed Face
Impeller Diameter OD4-11/16"
Vane Width ID1/4"
Eye Diameter OD1-7/8"
Eye Length5/8"
Impeller Width OD3/8"
Seal Seat Depth3/4"
Shaft Length1-3/16"
Shaft Diameter OD3/4"
Seal Seat Diameter OD  1-3/8"
Pump ApplicationDura-Glas, Max-E-Glas