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Standard O-49
1.5" Union & Diffuser O-Ring

Quick Overview

  • 2"ID x 2-1/4"OD x 1/8"Cross Section

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Item #: AM48544  UPC : 601402110597  MPN : O-49



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This is an obsolete Item

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Standard O-49 1.5" Union & Diffuser O-Ring Description

O-Ring; 1.5 Inch, American Products(R) (Pentair(R))/Super-Pro,(R) (Arneson & Comfortzone)/Aqua-Flo/Jacuzzi(R) (Carvin)/Premier/Sta-Rite(R) (Pentair(R). 2"ID x 2-1/4"OD x 1/8"Cross Section.

Product Specifications

For Use WithPower Pump Diffuser, Power-Glas(TM) Slip Body, Inlet Fitting/(Prior to 1989)/Perflex(R), Pro Series S240, S200 ASL(TM) Filter Union, Elbow Union, Male Adapter, Compress Union, Dominator 1-1/2 Inch Fitting Diffuser, Inlet Fitting Seal, 1-1/2 Inch Tailpiece
OEM NameAmerican Products(R) (Pentair(R))/Super-Pro(R) (Arneson & Comfortzone)/Aqua-Flo/Jacuzzi(R) (Carvin)/Premier/Sta-Rite(R) (Pentair(R))
OEM Part9004000/46824000/SPX1425Z6/SPX1485B6/NS/FF-17-03/92200140/47-0226-03-R/29-674/WC20-24/U9-226
Size1.5 Inch
Alternate Part Numbers

  • 29-674 (Premier)
  • 47-0226-03 (Jacuzzi)
  • 390040 (American Products)
  • O-49 (Aladdin)