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Compool (PENTAIR) CP100TX
100TX Control System

This is an obsolete Item

Compool (PENTAIR) CP100TX 100TX Control System Description

Compool 100TX Shared Equipment Control System:

The COMPOOL 100TX automated control system makes operating your pool and spa as easy as touching a button. This COMPOOL automation control system allows you to operate your pool and spa from a control center inside your home. Just push a button to program lighting, heating, or cleaning cycles. No complicated sequences or menu selections. And with easy-to-use programming buttons, you come home to a spa that is preheated and waiting to enjoy.

The Compool 100TX Control System is designed for use with pools and spas which share a common filtration system.

The only difference between the Compool 100TLX and the Compool 100TX is that the Compool 100TLX includes a 100 amp subpanel and the Compool 100TX does not.

Compool 100TX Shared Equipment Control System Features:

  • Indoor Control Panel with push-button controls for Pool-Spa switching and 3 auxiliary circuits (e.g. Spa Light, Pool Light and Water Feature)
  • Water temperature display
  • Power Center with 4 power relays (will hold a maximum of 6)
  • Service switches
  • Mechanical time clock for the Filter Pump
  • Heater cool-down cycle # System includes
Compool 100TX Shared Equipment Control System Contents:
  • Compool CP100 Indoor Control Panel
  • (2) Valve Actuators
  • Water Temperature Sensor
  • 2 rolls of 150 ft. Hook-up Cable for connecting Indoor Control Panel to Power Center

Compool 100TX Shared Equipment Control System Specifications:

Model Number System
Will Control
Voltage Circuit
100TXFilter + 3 Auxiliaries4 / 6115v / 230v n/a 20 2 / 3