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Balboa Water Group 52490-HC
1000 LE Control System

Item #: AM91792  MPN : 52490-HC



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Balboa Water Group 52490-HC 1000 LE Control System Description

Priced to beat the Balboa M-1 system, the 1000LE actually provides more features such as the ability to support dual 2-speed pumps and fiber optic lighting. As with the M-1, the 1000LE requires a 30 amp power supply with 50 amps recommended and is available only with standard pressure switch technology.

This system can operate:
• 120v circulation pump
• 120/240v, 2-speed pump
• 240v 2-speed secondary pump
• 120/240v blower
• 1.4/5.5kW heater
• 120/240v ozone generator
• 12v spa light
• 120v fiber optic light
• Sensors and sensor mount included
• Cords and light harness included
• Spa-side control panels sold separately