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Intermatic M4271
100 Amp Time Clock Control Centers

Item #: AMM4271  MPN : M4271

$251.75 - $433.95

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Intermatic M4271 100 Amp Time Clock Control Centers Description

The T30000R Series Control Centers feature an all-weather enclosure and contain one or two heavy duty timer mechanisms. In addition, they have provision to install switches or GFCI receptacle on the side and additional switches inside. The enclosure accepts any combinations of P1353ME or P4243ME or T100M or RC2000M or PF1000M Series mechanisms.

T10000R Series Control Center Specifications:

  • Case: 16-1/2" (41.9 cm) H x 10-7/8" (27.6 cm) W x 4-1/4" (10.8 cm) D, 0.048" steel with electrostatically applied beige finish.
  • Knockouts: Two 1/2", three combination 1/2"-3/4", and two combination 3/4"-1" knockouts on the bottom. Four 1/2", three combination 1/2"-3/4" on the back. One combination 3/4"-1" on the left side. One 1-3/4" x 2-3/4" knockout on the right side for mounting switches and GFCI.
  • Panel Rating: 100 Amp., 120-240 VAC or 120-208 VAC single phase - 60Hz.
  • Time Switch Rating: 40 Amp Resistive Inductive, Tungsten or 1000 VA pilot duty each pole 120/208/240 VAC; 2 HP (24 FLA) - 120 VAC; 5 HP (28 FLA) - 240 VAC
  • Agency Approval: CSA/C-US

Available Time Clocks in this series:

Model Number Description Switch Clock Voltage
T30000R5 Enclosure Only None n/a
T30004R One T104M DPST 240
T30401R Two T101M SPST/SPST 120
T30404R Two T104M DPST/DPST 240/240
T30604R T106M & T104M SPST/DPST 240/240
T32404R T104M201 & T104M DPST/DPST 240/240