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Aqua-Flo Pump 11910000
1.0 HP 2" Suction 5" Trap

Item #: AM71226  UPC : 811636025127  MPN : 11910000



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Aqua-Flo Pump 11910000 1.0 HP 2" Suction 5" Trap Description

Wet End Complete, 1 HP 2" Suction 5" Trap (30 lbs)

The Aqua-Flo A Series Bronze Pump designed exclusively for Fountains, Commercial and Residential Swimming Pools & Spas, Cooling Tower Filtration, and Commercial Marine applications and is a dependable and self-priming. The A-Series pump is cast from corrosion-resistant bronze and will provide 30 years of service. Aqua-Flo’s A Series open-face impeller is designed to grind up or bypass small pebbles and debris to prevent the impeller from clogging. All Aqua-Flo Pumps are machined, assembled and pressure-tested in the USA.