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Haviland Consumer Products C003360-CS20Q
1 qt, Durachlor Metal Wizard

Item #: AM128474  MPN : C003360-CS20Q



 Not Available
This is an obsolete Item

Haviland Consumer Products C003360-CS20Q 1 qt, Durachlor Metal Wizard Description

The Durachlor Metal Wizard is a concentrated mineral removal solution that will target iron, copper, and manganese in the water. These trace metals can stain the pool's surfaces, and cause cloudy water. Using this product will effectively remove scale build ups from the pool's surfaces, and it will also prevent the formation of new accumulations.

  • Removes metal stains and scale
  • Prevents future scale buildups
  • Works in all pool types


NEVER mix different products together in the same bottle or pail. Add this product directly to the swimming pool water. For best results, apply to water that is above 60°F.

Initial & Treatment Dose:

  1. Backwash or clean filter prior to use.
  2. If using a mineral sanitizer, remove the cartridge from the pool equipment prior to use. Chlorine generators or ionizers should be turned off. See your dealer for temporary alternate sanitizing options.
  3. Adjust pH to 7.5 or higher. Avoid superchlorination (shocking) the pool water 1 week after application.
  4. Apply product in the evening or at a period of time when the pool is not in use. With the filter system operating, add this product around the perimeter of the pool at the rate of 32 ounces per 10,000 gallons. If staining is heavy or the water is extremely discolored, add 32 ounces per 5,000 gallons of water.
  5. Continuously operate filter system for 48 hours. Pool may be used 8 hours after initial application.
  6. This product may start to work immediately, but may take up to a week to penetrate deeply embedded stains. Depending on water conditions and the amount of metals, scale, and other materials present, pool water may turn hazy. This is normal and is an indication that the product is working.
  7. After 48 hours resume normal pool operation. For pools with sand or DE filters, backwash according to the manufacturer instructions and resume filtering. For cartridge filters, remove, clean, and replace the media according to the manufacturers recommendations. For best results, use a cartridge cleaning chemical to clean the media before replacing in the filter.