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Adding Salt to a Pool with a Salt Chlorinator

When adding the initial dose of salt to a pool, there will be hundreds of pounds of salt going in all at once. It is important to add the salt evenly around the entire pool to ensure that it mixes quickly into the water. Lightly brushing the salt will help it dissolve more quickly. Don't let the salt sit in large piles at the bottom of the pool (small amounts are OK). Let the filter system run continuously for 24 hours to allow the salt to completely mix into the water. Leave the salt system turned off for this mixing period.

How much salt to add:

Always add one or two bags less than what is required. After it mixes in, test the salt level and add what is necessary to reach the final level. If you add the full amount and end up with too much, you will have to drain some water out of the pool to remove the excess salt.

Pool Size in Gallons
Required Salt Level
in ppm
10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 30,000
3000 250 Lbs 375 Lbs 500 Lbs 625 Lbs 750 Lbs
4000 333 Lbs 500 Lbs 666 Lbs 832 Lbs 1000 Lbs
5000 417 Lbs 626 Lbs 834 Lbs 1043 Lbs 1252 Lbs
6000 500 Lbs 750 Lbs 1000 Lbs 1250 Lbs 1500 Lbs

These numbers are to be used with your own best judgment. Refer to your salt system's owners manual for recommendations about what kind of salt to use.