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Expert Advice & Tech Tips

Your go-to source for expert knowledge you can trust. All the information you need to learn new skills, gather tech tips, gain insights on how to run a more successful aquatic service business, choose and maintain parts, and prep for your jobs.

Many repairs to pool and spa equipment can be accomplished by the do it yourself type owner without much trouble. Many times all that is needed is a little knowledge and some advice from an aquatics professional. In this section we have assembled information on some of the more common pool and spa repair and maintenance questions we receive as well as topics related to the other industries we serve such as hotel, cruise, fisheries, and municipalities.

To the right you will find an index of help articles we have to give you the knowledge to take care of your own pool, possibly saving quite a bit of money compared to hiring a professional pool tech. Please use good judgement when working on your own pool however as some procedures can pose a risk if you are not familiar with them. For instance, if you have no experience working with electrical systems, it might be more prudent to hire the help of a professional for these types of repair. It's always good practice to read through all the steps in a procedure a few times before starting a project. If anything seems different or not right, or you have questions about it, please ask before proceeding.

If there are questions or repairs we don't have listed here and you need help, we are here for you. Our aquatic professionals are on call Mon-Fri 7am-5pm Mountain Standard Time, and work hard to reply to emails as promptly as possible.