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Complete 12" Grid Replacement Package Fo

Item #: AMA19

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 Available Late March
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Complete 12" Grid Replacement Package Fo

This is a set of 8 D.E. Filter Grids that will fit many common DE filters. Buying these grids together in a bundle saves money over buying them separately. This package of grids contains 7 full sized grids and 1 partial grid. These Grids are 12 Inches tall and are used in 24 Square foot D.E. Pool Filters.

Some of the filter models this grid set will fit are:

American Products
  • Titan CM Filter
  • Titan RPM Filter
  • Titan Stainless Steel Filter
  • Pro Grid Filter
  • Micro Clear Duralon Filter
  • Micro Clear Permaglass Filter
  • Micro Clear Stainless Steel Filter
Pac Fab - Purex - Pentair
  • FNS Polymetric Fiberglass Filter
  • FNS Plus Polypropylene Filter
  • Nautilus FNS Fiberglass Filter
  • Nautilus Stainless Steel Filter
  • Nautilus Plus Stainless Steel Filter
  • Nautilus INS Polymeric Filter

This Kit includes the items below:

Your Price: $
Original Price: $125.85