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Basic Fiber Optic Kit For Concrete - 12'

Item #: AMA29

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 Available Early April
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Basic Fiber Optic Kit For Concrete - 12'

Selecting all the correct components to work properly together is fairly difficult, and often frustrating. So we have created kits to take much of the guess work out of buying a fiber optic system.
Fiberstars Basic Pool Lighting Kit Contents:
  • 1 2004 illuminator with 4-Position Color Wheel, base, and port assembly.
  • 1 300 strand assembled fiber & lens.
  • 1 Housing for the lens.
These kits can also be customized to fill almost any needs by adding up to 2 lighting features from the accessories listed at the bottom of this page.

Kit Contents:
Fiberstars 2004 Illuminator
This illuminator can be used for up to 410 strands of fiber. A quality fiber optic pool light uses 300 strands, and many light features use 50 strands. So this illuminator will operate a maximum of 1 pool light and 2 of the light features shown below. (more info)

Assembled Fiber & Lens Assembly
The fiber is glued to the lens, saving you the time, hassle, and money of having to buy special tools and materials to cut and glue your own fittings. These kits come with the 300 strand optic-fiber in either 12 or 18 foot lengths. There are smaller fibers for sale, but these are the recommended size. Be sure to note what size fibers are being supplied when pricing Fiber optic systems. Putting too small a fiber will severely limit light output. (more info)

Light Niche (Housing)
The light niche mounts to your pool to house the lens (assembled with the fiber). This kit is for concrete (gunite) applications. There are standard and insider fittings available. (more info)

You have the option of adding up to two of the light accessories listed below to any of the kits on this page.

This Kit includes the items below:

AM2203 - Quartz Halogen Illuminator (Qty:1)
AM2221 - Supplemental Fiber and Lens Kit (Qty:1)
AM2237 - Insider Lens Housing (Qty:1)
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Original Price: $1,976.25