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Adjustable Mini Jet by Waterway

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These jets are all part of the Waterway Adjustable Mini line of spa jets. These jets are all interchangeable and share many of the same parts.

These parts are sometimes numbered, if you find the following numbers on your spa jets you have a jet in the Waterway Adjustable Mini family.

Part numbers sometimes found on Waterway Adjustable Mini Jets are:

  • 216-1040
  • 216-1050
  • 217-1050
  • 217-1070

If you do not see your jets you can email a picture of them to our technical staff at: [email protected]. We can usually help you identify spa or bathtub jets. If you are sending pictures for jetted bathtub jets it is often helpful to have a picture of the suction cover in the bathtub as well, many of the bathtub jets look very much alike.

If you would like to know more about spa jets check out our technical article "Spa Jets Explained".

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