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Pro Logic Automation and Chlorination

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Pro Logic is a scalable, flexible line of Total Pool Management controls that suits any backyard environment. It takes the work out of owning a pool and spa by automating all essential pool and spa functions, water chemistry with Sense and Dispense, salt chlorination, custom light shows with ColorLogic LED lights and other backyard features like water features, lights and fire pits. Pro Logic gives pool owners the freedom to monitor and control their pool, spa and backyard functions using standard remotes, over their home network, using Wi-Fi enabled devices or even remotely using a web enabled device (subscription necessary). They can turn up the spa heater; adjust cleaning, filtration or lighting schedules or check out how the water's pH and sanitization levels look. Pool owners can do this all and more when they add the Aqua Connect option to their Pro Logic. Automating variable speed and 2-speed pumps can save pool owners upto 70% on energy costs. Whether homeowners have basic pool functions or an extensive backyard paradise, the Pro Logic series offers the right level of control for any environment control that can easily be added at any time.

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