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E-Command 4 Automation

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Control Pool or Spa Functions and Costs E-Command 4 is the easy and cost-effective way to automate essential pool or spa functions. Control filter, pump and lighting. Automate schedules to turn lights on at night or manage an energy saving 2-speed or variable speed pump for better efficiency. Functions can be set up to run automatically or can be controlled from an optional wireless remote. The base system has a built-in electrical subpanel and supports 4 high-voltage relays, 3 valve actuators, 1 heater and solar. What ever the function, pool owners can maintain basic control oftheir pool or spa with E-Command 4.

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  • E-Command 4T
    SKU: M5972 MPN: M5972
    $498.13 - $955.94
    4 options available

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