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Bathtub Pumps

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Jetted bathtub pumps are made differently than traditional pumps. They are designed with lowered front suctions so that they drain completely when the bathtub is empty. It is best not to hold water your bath pump for long periods of time.

Some jetted bathtub style pumps are found used as pedicure chair pumps, or even in some brands of portable spas.

Virtually all jetted bathtub pumps come with an "air switch" built in for remote switching by a non-powered "air button" at the edge of the tub. If your original pump came without an air switch you can still use the air switch version.

To use an air switch pump in a non-air switch application either put a tube on the switch and turn it on one time and leave it on, or remove the two wires from the air switch and hook them together.

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