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 Basket Cross Reference - Rectangular Baskets Cross Referenced by Size Basket OEM PN Dim A Dim B Dim C Dim D Description B-97   4-3/4”  3-9/16”  3-5/16”  3-15/16”  Crestline pump, metal  B-2   5”  5”  3-1/4”  3-5/8”  Anthony 5 x 5 skimmer, metal (has 3” legs)  <a ......   More Info

 Glossary of Terms - ACID DEMAND - The amount of acid required by your pool water to achieve the proper pH level. ACID - A chemical that lowers pH and total alkalinity when dissolved in water by providing hydrogen ions. Hydrochloric Acid and Sodium Bisulfate are two commonly used acids. ALGAE - A microscopic one-celled plant organism. These organisms are continually introduced into the pool by winds, dust storms, rain showers, and the like. ALGAECIDE - A chemical used to kill algae. ALGAE SPORES - Dormant algae residing in atmospheric conditions which are introduced into the pool water by rain showers, winds, dust storms, etc. ALKALINE - A condition when water is above 7.0 on the pH scale. BACTERIA - An unseen, but dangerous organism that occurs in all water. Bacteria is controlled by the use of disinfectants such as chlorine or bromine. BALANCED WATER - Pool water which is maintained with a pH level between 7.2 and 7.6 and contains the proper tota...   More Info

 Guide To Most Common Skimmer Lids & Baskets - AMERICAN PRODUCTS 850007400 R38013A AMERICAN PRODUCTS 85000500 85014500 AMERICAN PRODUCTS 85004700 85003900 BAKER HYDRO 51B1017 51B1026 <p ......   More Info

 Main Drains - ...   More Info

 Multiport Valve Spider Gasket Guide - Guide to the most common valve seat gaskets   THESE GASKETS ARE ARRANGED BY SIZE, FROM SMALLEST TO LARGEST. "OD" IS THE OUTSIDE DIAMETER. "ID" IS THE INSIDE DIAMETER OF THE CENTER HOLE. (A * AFTER THE ITEM # MEANS THE GASKET IS ONLY AVAILABLE GLUED TO THE DIVERTER)   NLA REPLACE VALVE OD: 4" ID: 1-7/16" HAYWARD 39-2520-02-R * OD: 4-5/16" ID: 7/8" JACUZZI 5" OD AND LARGER 50131000 OD: 5" ID: 7/8" AMERICAN 00600R0102 OD: 5-1/16" ID: 11/16" ASTRAL 271104 OD: 5-3/16" ID: 3/4" ......   More Info

 O-Ring & Gasket Reverse Cross Reference Guide - O-1 National Lens Gasket Swimquip Universal Light Lens Gasket O-2 Paddock Clamp Type Lens Gasket  Paddock Combination Lens Gasket Universal Lens Gasket Swimline (14118) Light Lens Gasket O-3 Anthony/Kim Lens O-ring O-4 Anthony/Kim Rear Seal O-ring Jandy (R0338801) HHP/HHPU/MHP/MHPU 3/4-2 HP Diffuser O-ring Jandy (R0338805) HHP/HHPU 3 HP Diffuser O-ring Marlow H Series 2 HP Diffuser Gasket Pac Fab (15-4491) 1½" Bulkhead O-ring Plasticline 1½" Union O-ring Swimquip (35505-1317) MK23 Tube & Fill Cap O-ring ...   More Info

 O-Ring and Gasket Kits for Pumps, Valves & Chlorinators - Pump, Valve & Chlorinator Repair Kits are the easy and convenient way to service and repair pumps and valves. The guess work has been taken out of identifying and selecting the pars needed to service the most common pump and valve repair applications. All of the essential replacement parts are packaged together as one complete kit. Each kit contains the proper quantities of each of the parts needed including O-Rings, gaskets, seals, bearings, and connectors. Each kit also contains a package of Magic Lube - the Teflon-based sealant/lubricant with the USDA H-1 rating for environmental safety or Magic Lube II - Silicone for valve kits. GO-KIT-1 Hayward Max-Flo Series 1800-2800 GO-KIT-2 Hayward Super II Pump Series 3000-3000X GO-KIT-3 Hayward Super Pump Series 1600, 2600, 2600X GO-KIT-4 Pac Fab 2” Slide Valve Rebuild Kit ...   More Info

 O-Ring Cross Reference Guide - MANUFACTURER O-RING PRODUCT DESCRIPTION MFG. NO. American O-49 Power Pump Diffuser, O-Ring 390040 O-64 Maxim Swivel Union, O-Ring 391028 O-41 Titan CM Filter, Sandpiper 18" & 24" Filters (After 1-1 -90), Thick ......   More Info

 Piping - Here are a few tips on how to plumb with plastic pipe and fittings using threaded joints and/or solvent welding. We are aware of the many variations published on how to use plastics. The following is recommended for piping systems normally encountered in the swimming pool and spa industry. I. THREADED JOINTS A. Plastic to Plastic 1. A dry male fitting should make up hand-tight about two-thirds (2/3) of the way into any female threaded connection. 2. Use only the following plastic-to-plastic thread sealants: Teflon tape, 100% pure Teflon paste or Permatex #2. Use three (3) full clockwise turns of Teflon tape. 3. Apply sealant to male thread only. Use liberal coats of either the 100% pure Teflon or Permatex #2. Use three (3) full clockwise turns of Teflon tape. 4. Screw the fittings together hand-tight. Then one half (1/2) to one (1) more full turn using a strap wrench or small pipe wrench. You now have a good joint - stop. B. Plas...   More Info

 Pool Gallonage Sizing Chart - POOL SIZE GALLONS 3-1/2' Av. DEPTH GALLONS 4' Av. DEPTH GALLONS 4-1/2' Av. DEPTH GALLONS 5' Av. DEPTH GALLONS 5-1/2' Av. DEPTH 12' x 24' 7,600 8,600 9,700 10,800 11,900 14' x 28' 10,300 11,800 13,200 14,700 16,200 15' x 30' 11,800 13,500 15,200 16,900 18,600 16' x 32' 13,400 15,400 17,300 19,200 21,100 18' x 36' 17,000 19,400 21,900 24,300 26,700 19' x 38' 19,000 21,700 24,400 27,100 29,800 20' x 40' 21...   More Info

 Pool Sizing Guide - By knowing the gallonage of the pool, you can quickly determine the correct amount of chemicals that are needed to insure proper sanitation. The calculation for total gallonage is quite simple, once the total surface area of the pool has been obtained. ...   More Info

 PVC Fitting Friction Loss Chart - Expressed in Equivalent Length of Straight Pipe, Feet Size 1/2" 3/4" 1" 1-1/4" 1-1/2" 2" 3" 4" Gate Valve (Full Open) 0.6 0.7 0.9 1.2 1.3 1.6 2.0 2.7 Elbow, 90° 3.6 4.5 5.3 6.7 7.5 8.6 11.1 13.1 Elbow, 45° 0....   More Info

 PVC Pipe Friction Loss - CARRYING CAPACITY AND FRICTION LOSS FOR SCHEDULE 40 THERMOPLASTIC PIPE (Independent variables: Gallons per minute and nominal pipe size O.D. - Dependent variables: Velocity, friction head and pressure drop per 100 feet of pipe, interior smooth.) Gallons Per Minutes Velocity Ft. Per Second Friction Head Feet Velocity Ft. Per Second Friction Head Feet Velocity Ft. Per Second Friction Head Feet Velocity Ft. Per Second Friction Head Feet Velocity Ft. Per Second...   More Info

 Skimmer Identification - Size Guide For Swimming Pool and Spa Faceplates This guide is intended to help you identify an existing pool skimmer faceplate. Be careful, many of the skimmers have the same or very similar size faceplates. After you think you have the right skimmer identified you also may also want to try and verify brand by looking for identifying marks on the basket and the skimmer lid. ...   More Info

 Waterway Accessories - Accessories Volleyball Pole Holders Thermowells Spa Steps Hand Rails ABS Plastic Hand Rails Clear Acrylic Hand Rails Vents Spa Handle Vent Adjustable Thermo Vent 4" Vent Spa Cabinet Vents Aroma Therapy Canister and Beads Chlorinators Timers and Kits for Above Ground Installations Accessories Part No. Description Color 217-0060 3/4" Aerator Spray Nozzle White 660-3400 Gunite Air Control "A" Style (fits inside 1-1/2" ......   More Info

 Waterway Drains & Suctions - Pool Drains & Suctions 8" & 10" Covers and Frames Tru Flo 8" Covers and Frames Tru Flo 10" Covers and Frames Ultra Drains 8" Ultra Drains 10" Ultra Retro Drains 10" Ultra-Retro Drains - Vinyl Concrete Sump Bodies & Assemblies Concrete Bodies and Assemblies - Side x Bottom Deep Sump Bodies and Assemblies - Side x Bottom Vinyl Liner Sump Bodies & Assemblies Vinyl Liner Sump Bodies & Assemblies - Side x Bottom Vinyl Liner Deep Sump Bodies and Assemblies - Side x Bottom Adjustable Collar Sump Bodies & Assemblies Adjustable Collar Deep Sump Bodies & Assemblies - Side x Bottom Grates & Frames 9" x 9" Grate and Frame 12" x 12" Grate and Frame ...   More Info

 Waterway Jet Selection - Cluster Jets Cluster Jet Internals Universal Cluster Jet Body Adjustable Euro Cluster Jets Cluster Jet Accessories Ozone Jets Ozone Cluster Jet Bodies Ozone Cluster Jet Body Assemblies Euro Blaster Jet Body and Wall Fitting Assembly Standard Mini Jets Standard Mini Jet Internals Standard Mini Jet Body Assemblies Standard Mini Jet Accessories Adjustable Mini Jets Deluxe Series Adjustable Mini Jets Adjustable Mini Jet Body Assemblies (99% Shut-Off) Adjustable On/Off Mini Jet Body Assemblies Adjustable On/Off Mini Jet Accessories Poly Jets Standard Poly Jets Poly Jet Body Assemblies Poly Jet Accessories Storm Jets Storm Jet Body Assemblies Adjustable Cluster Storm Jet Body Assemblies <a ......   More Info

 Waterway Plumbing - Accessories Inside Couplers, Fitting Extenders & Pipe Extenders Hose Adapters Waterstops Reducers Threaded Nipple 2" Barb Adapter Plugs Fittings Return Wall Fittings Threaded Eyeball Fittings Insert Inlet Eyeball Fittings Metal Wall Form Return Fitting Aerators Vac Lock Fitting Vinyl Liner Fittings In-Ground Pool Vinyl Liner Return Fittings Above-Ground Pool Vinyl Liner Return Fittings Rotating Eyeball Fittings Spa Rotating Therapy Massage Fittings Return Fittings Ells, Tees, & Wyes Sweep Ells 45° and 90° Ells Tees Sanitary Tee Cross Tee Tee Assemblies Wyes Manifold Wyes ......   More Info

 Waterway Skimmers - Pool Skimmers and Skim Filters Renegade Gunite In-Ground Skimmers Renegade Gunite Skimmers - 2-Port - Round Lid Renegade Gunite Skimmers - 2-Port - Square Lid Renegade Gunite Skimmers - Single Port - Round Lid Renegade Gunite Skimmers - Single Port - Square Lid Renegade Gunite Skimmer Accessories Renegade Vinyl Liner and Fiberglass In-Ground Skimmers Renegade Vinyl Liner Skimmers - 2-Port - Square Lid Renegade Vinyl Liner Skimmers - 2-Port - Round Lid ? Renegade Vinyl Liner Skimmers - Single Port - Square Lid Renegade Vinyl Liner Skimmer Accessories Renegade Fiberglass Only Skimmers Renegade Venturi In-Ground Skimmers Renegade Gunite Venturi In-Ground Skimmer Renegade Vinyl Liner Venturi In-Ground Skimmer Renegade Gunite In-Ground Skimmer - Deep Basket without Venturi Renegade Vinyl ......   More Info

 Who is Pentair Pool Products? - American Products Compool Flotec Kreepy Krauly Letro National Pool Tile Pac Fab Paragon Aquatics Purex / Triton Rainbow SHURflo <img src="images/manufacturers/starite.gif" alt="" width="100" height="40" ......   More Info