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Sizing a Spa Pump

 1 - Number of Jets - The size of a spa pump is influenced by the number of jets in the spa. In order to properly size a spa pump, the number of jets must be known first....   More Info

 2 - Flow Rating of Jets - Every spa jet has a manufacturer recommended flow rate. This flow rate is mainly determined by the orifice size in the spa jet. Many of the modern spa jets have a 5/16” orifice. These jets normally require 9-12 gallons per minute to operate correctly....   More Info

 3 - Sizing Formula - To determine the total flow rate that a spa requires you simply multiply the number of jets by their rated flow and you will get the required flow for the spa. For example a spa with 10 jets, each rated for 12 gallons per minute would need 120 GPM. 10 Jets x 12 GPM = 120 GPM* Needed for proper jet operation. *Remember that this is not the minimum flow but rather fairly exact flow rate. You will want to be close to the flow rate that you determine. Too much flow is just as problematic as too little ...   More Info

 4 - Plumbing Size - A pipe can only physically handle a certain amount of flow. There are hydraulic charts to help with maximum flow rates, but here are some rough rules of thumb: For inground spas do not exceed 70 GPM in 1.5” pipe and do not exceed 120 GPM in 2” pipe. For a portable spa with short pipe distances do not exceed 100 GPM in 1.5” pipe and do not exceed 150 GPM in 2” pipe. ...   More Info

 5 - Filter Size - A spa filter is only designed to handle a certain amount of flow. If the filter is not large enough to receive the flow of the selected pump, then it will be over-pressurized. This can lead to poor filtration, and early filter failure. If you are replacing an existing pump make sure it does not exceed the maximum flow rate of the filter. Some spa filters come with a spring loaded bypass valve installed in them. This bypass valve is designed to open when the pump goes to high speed, allowing the filter to exceed what would normally rated flow capacity. This allows them to filter all of the water on low speed, and only some of the water at high speed. ...   More Info

 6 - Flow Curves - A flow curve is a visual representation of pump performance at different “Total Dynamic Head” ranges. To read the curve you calculate the total dynamic head of your system and read across to the curve representing your particular horsepower of pump. Figuring out your total dynamic head is a difficult and lengthy process which we will not go into here. But as a rule of thumb you can use 40-60 feet of head for a spa and 20 - 40 feet or head for a pool. You need to modify this if you have factors which will add to the head of the system such as: A pool cleaning system. Long piping runs. Small piping. Large differences in height. Undersized filters. ...   More Info