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O-Ring & Gasket Reverse Cross Reference Guide
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O-Ring & Gasket Reverse Cross Reference Guide

O-1 National Lens Gasket
Swimquip Universal Light Lens Gasket
O-2 Paddock Clamp Type Lens Gasket 
Paddock Combination Lens Gasket
Universal Lens Gasket
Swimline (14118) Light Lens Gasket
O-3 Anthony/Kim Lens O-ring
O-4 Anthony/Kim Rear Seal O-ring
Jandy (R0338801) HHP/HHPU/MHP/MHPU 3/4-2 HP Diffuser O-ring
Jandy (R0338805) HHP/HHPU 3 HP Diffuser O-ring
Marlow H Series 2 HP Diffuser Gasket
Pac Fab (15-4491) 1½" Bulkhead O-ring
Plasticline 1½" Union O-ring
Swimquip (35505-1317) MK23 Tube & Fill Cap O-ring
O-5 Jacuzzi (47-0115-07) S/W Injector O-ring
Laars Control Well O-ring
Pac Fab Crankshaft O-ring
Raypak Control Well O-ring
Swimquip (35505-1157) Large Knob O-ring 
O-5V Speck Pump (2923541229) O-ring Shaft Model 93/21-80G/21-80GS/21-80BS/21-80/30G Viton
O-6 Anthony Admiral Lid Gasket Oval
O-7 Universal Lens Gasket
Anthony (014118) Universal Lens Gasket
O-9 Purex Old Light Lens Gasket
Swimquip Common Light Lens Gasket
O-10 Paddock Trimmer Lid Keyhole Gasket
O-11 Landon Trimmer Lid Gasket
Paddock Trimmer Lid Gasket
O-12 Anthony 6" Pump Lid O-ring
Aqua Flo (AF-10-01) A & AC Series Trap Cover 6" Lid O-ring (92200010)
Hayward (SP-3000-S) Super Pump II Lid O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0438-07) Cast Iron Pump Lid O-ring (3PJMCH25) (Obsolete 12-91)
Pac Fab 6" H & L Trap O-ring 
Purex Eastside 6" H & L Trap O-ring
Purex (P-24025/71421) PJ-18 Pump Lid O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-375) Maxiglas Trap O-ring-Dura Glass II 
Swimquip Old Pump 6" Lid O-ring
O-12V  Hayward (SP-3000-SV) Bromine Feeder Cover O-ring
O-13 Martec/Sonfarrel (320-102) Trap Lid O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-046) 6" Pump Lid O-ring-Bronze, Cast Iron
Waterway (805-0439) SVL56 Lid O-ring
O-14 Anthony 4" Pump Lid O-ring
Doughboy (308-1004) H & L Pot O-ring-PPI/1400, 1500, 1640, 41, 1740
Eastside/Purex 4" H & L Trap O-ring
Pac Fab Eastside 4" H & L Trap O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0347-07) Gyromat O-ring
Swimquip  Old Pump 4" Lid O-ring
O-15 Diaclear (C30082) MS-18 Strainer Cover O-ring
Premier (31-346) 4" Pump Lid O-ring
Speck Pump (2921641210) Lid O-ring Model E91
Sta Rite (U9-045) 4" Pump Lid O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-295) Pump Cover O-ring
O-16 Sta Rite Aqua Flyte H & L Gasket
O-17 Swimquip Vacuum Lid Gasket
O-18 Berkely 5" H & L Pot Lid O-ring
O-19 American (391019) Maxim, Americana II, Power Glas Lid O-ring 
H & F Pump Lid O-ring 
Landon Pump Lid O-ring
Luitweiler Pump Lid O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-161) 5" Pump Trap Lid O-ring
Swimrite (60-828-715) 5" Pump Lid O-ring
O-20 Purex Eastside Seal Plate O-ring
Purex (P-24000/71416) A-18 O-ring
Swimquip (35505-1263) XLII Seal Plate O-ring
O-21 Paddock H & L 2" Flat Gasket
O-22 Paddock 1¼"-2" Flat Gasket
O-23 Paddock ¾" Sight Glass Gasket
O-24 American (510035) Sand Filter Union O-ring, Olympian Bulkhead (Before 1-91)  
American (590006) Manifold O-ring, Outlet Pipe O-ring Titan Olympian, FNS
Anthony (17810-17770) 2" Plastic Slide Valve Bulkhead Connector O-ring
Hayward (DE-2400-Z-5) Outlet Elbow O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0139-09) TP4 Test Plug O-ring (Obsolete 92)/Earthworks DE Filter EW75-EW150 Manifold Assembly O-ring (Before 9/99)
Pac Fab (19-2323) Filter/Pump O-ring-Hydropump Pot/Volute-Nautilus-FNS
Purex (P-24305) Center Tube O-ring
Saurerman 2" Tube O-ring
O-25 Aqua Flo (92200060) Clear Flo A/R Valve O-ring
Blue White (9003-030) Chlorinator O-ring
Doughboy (308-1011) Volute O-ring
Hayward (SP-0602-Z-2) Valve O-ring
Hustler (A111) Small O-ring
Pac Fab (15-4661) Triton, Nautilus DE, Mytilus, Mitra Cart Filter Gauge & Air Bleeder Adapter-PF Sand 35/50/100
Purex CHD Crank O-ring
Saurerman 2" Crank O-ring
Spec Pump (412-9) Model 420 Drain Plug O-ring
Spec Pump (2920141240) Model 90 Drain Plug O-ring
Sta Rite (P-64057) P/V Seal O-ring
Waterway 75/125/200 Cyclone Drain Plug O-ring
Waterway (805-0111) Executive Wet End Drain Plug O-ring/High FLo Center Discharge Mustang/Workhorse/Bath Pump
O-25A  Hayward (SP-0602-Z-2A) Teflon Piece (O-25 Req.)
O-25V  Fischer-Porter (101W709U01) Chlorinator O-ring Viton
Wallace & Tiernan (30066) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
O-26 American 1½" Collection O-ring
Anthony (17810-17770) 2" Plastic Slide Valve Piston O-ring
Hayward (SP-0410-Z-1) SP410X Small Piston O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0328-00) LR9 Units O-ring CFR50, 75, 100 & 150/Inter-Connect Assembly-Sherlock & Avalanche Separation Tank
Laars (S-690) Heater O-ring
Landon Spin 1½" Collection O-ring
Pac Fab (15-5564) Star Polymeric Filter Gauge O-ring
Paddock Petite Spin Filter Tube O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-154) 1½" Hub O-ring
O-27 American (510012) M/4 Shaft O-ring, Directional Valve 2 & 3 Port O-ring
Hayward (S-200-Z-5) Sand Filter O-ring/Pro Series & Micro Clear Air Relief O-ring
Hayward (SP-0603-Z-2) Stem O-ring
Hayward (SP-0605-Z-2) Valve O-ring
Hayward (S-200-Z-14) Sand Filter Drain Pipe O-ring Before 1980 Old Dome
Leisure Bay (111732) 50, 100, 150 SF Filter Air Bleed Valve O-ring
Muskin (037-3405) Axle & Valve Shaft O-ring
Pac Fab (15-4827) Air Relief O-ring
Paddock Petite Spin Filter Crank O-ring
Swimquip (35505-1157) Small Knob O-ring
Swimrite (30-828-752) 1½" x 5/8" Shaft O-ring
Swimrite (30-828-752) See 750 Only Cap Diffuser O-ring 
Waterway (805-0114) Inline Filter 1 !/2"/2" Top Load Ait Bleed O-ring/TWM Filter Pack/Top Load Filter
O-27A  Hayward (SP-0603-Z-2-A) Teflon Piece (O-27 Req.)
Hayward (SP-0605-Z-2) Teflon Piece (O-398 Req.) 
O-27V  Wallace & Tiernan (26784) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
O-28 Pac Fab (19-2041) SCS Filter V Packing Ring
O-30 American Commander Air Relief O-ring 
Arneson/Poolsweep (F24) Backup Extension & Drive Valve O-ring
Blue White (9003-009) Chlorinator O-ring
Doughboy (308-1152) Valve Cover Plunger O-ring
Hayward (EC-96-112-46) EC Filter Bump Shaft O-ring Perflex
Hayward (96-112-46) Bump Shaft O-ring
Leisure Bay (303416) Drain & Vent O-ring Rainbow
Leisure Bay (111733) Drain Plug O-ring 50, 100, 150 SF Filter
Letro (F24) O-ring 
Lomart-Prest Metals (53-019) Shaft O-ring
Lomart-Prest Metals (53-049) Valve Cover Plunger O-ring
Rainbow (17-2221) Air Vent Valve O-ring Dynamic Series I/II/III
Rainbow (17-2224) 25 Sq. Ft. Filter Valve O-ring
Swimquip MK23 Filter Crank Quad
Swimquip (25575-0114) Drive Shaft O-ring
Swimquip (35505-0114) Crank Shaft O-ring 
O-30V Advance (OV-11-012) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Fischer-Porter (101W707U01) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Regal (S-403) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Wallace & Tiernan (26482) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
O-31 Swimquip Skimmaster Tapered O-ring
O-32 Advance (OV-11-028) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
International Collection Tube O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0028-03) Filter Valve O-ring
Swimquip (35505-0239) Skimmaster Tube O-ring
O-32V Advance (OV-11-028) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Regal (S-411) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
O-33 Swimquip Spin Filter Tube Quad Ring
O-34 Swimquip Upright Spin Crank Quad Ring
O-37 Hayward (SP-0602-Z-2) Valve O-ring (See O-27A)
Jacuzzi (47-0131-07) Gyro Flo O-ring
Saurerman 1½" Tube O-ring
Swimquip (35505-1175) Valve Connector O-ring
O-39 Aladdin System 2001 Filter Drain Cap O-ring
American (510031) American Valve Stem & Shaft Cap O-ring
Anthony (17437) Valve Shaft O-ring
Doughboy (308-1001) Manifold Seal O-ring
Doughboy (308-1009) O-ring
E-Z Chlor (12690-09) Flow Meter Gasket
Jacuzzi (31-1609-06) ¼" Magnum Plug O-ring Cygnet/Pirahna/RC/CF25 & CFT25 Plug O-ring PH & UPH
Jacuzzi (31-0943-03) Replaced by 47-0112-00
Jacuzzi (47-0112-00) Stem, Crank, Pump, Filter O-ring (Before 2-1-93) Cygnet/Magnum-CFR25 & CFT25/Triclops SLPH & SLTPH/CFT 50/100-CFT 5BY-100BY, Plug O-ring Earthworks Separation Tank LH (Units Prior 6/93) 
Jandy (1137) Hydro Timer O-ring
Marine Valve Stem O-ring
Martec/Sonfarrel (201-010) Drain Plug O-ring
Martec/Sonfarrel (205-104) Bleeder O-ring
Pac Fab (2-112) Crankshaft O-ring
Pac Fab (27-3011) Brass Valve Shaft O-ring
Polaris (E-45) Back-Up Valve Plate O-ring
Polaris (P-40) #151 Pump Shaft Extension O-ring
Premier (29-113) Shaft Extension O-ring
Premier #151 Pump Shaft Extension O-ring
Purex (P-62112/72555) Ortega Valve Stem O-ring
Raypak Manual By Pass O-ring
Spin Rite Crank O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-147) Bronze Cap Valve O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-359) Posi Flo II Air Release O-ring-Separation Tank 
Sta Rite (U178-920P) Drain Plug O-ring JW Series
Speck Pump (2923541220) Shaft O-ring Model 93 (Before 3/2000) Model 21-80BS
Swimquip (25010-0200) Air Relief Valve O-ring Only For Posi Flo
Swimrite #151 Pump Shaft Extension O-ring
Swimrite (28-828-675) Spin Crank O-ring
Swimrite (30-828-750) 1½" x ½" Shaft O-ring
Swimrite (30-828-756) ½" V Crank Pump O-ring
Universal Stem & Crank O-ring 
Waterway (805-0112) Drain Plug O-ring SVL56 Hi Flo Side Discharge Pump/Center Discharge Wet End Drain Plug
Waterway (3030174) 48 Frame Pump Drain Plug O-ring
O-39V Advance (OV-11-112) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
E Z Chlor (918) Flometer O-ring
Fischer-Porter (101W710U01) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Wallace & Tiernan (26345) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
O-40 American (862005) Manifold O-ring
American (850057)Manifold O-ring, Caribe, Quantum, Sandpiper 18 & 24" Titan CM Drain Plug O-ring 
Doughboy (308-1046) O-ring-PPI Strainer Pot
Jacuzzi (47-0223-06) CF Filter Drain Plug O-ring
Monarch N/S Impeller O-ring
Paddock Star Clear Tube O-ring
Paddock Star Clear Manifold O-ring
Purex (P-24108/71431) 800 Series Manifold O-ring 
Saurerman B/V O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-199) PLBC Diffuser O-ring
Swimquip (35505-1236) Silicon Seal & Capri Retainer O-ring
Swimquip (35505-1236) Silicon Seal & Capri Connector O-ring
Swimquip (35505-1429) Elbow Assembly O-ring-System 3 Small O-ring
O-41 American (391029) Titan CM, Sandpiper Filter 18 & 24" Thick O-ring (After 1-1-90) 
Olympian Bulkhead O-ring (After 1-1-91) M/O Union O-ring
Baker Hydro (00B7027) O/S Bulkhead Adapter O-ring 
Coleco (33185) Cover O-ring
Hayward (SP-1495-Z-1) Ball Valve Flush Union O-ring/Power Flo End Connector / Micro Clear Support Base O-ring
Hyprime Large Impeller O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0227-02) Gyro-Flo O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0227-36) Gyromat B/V Lower Valve O-ring
Lasco (80227) O-ring
Marlow (4311700) Argonaut Diffuser O-ring
Monarch O/S Impeller O-ring
Pac Fab (27-3062) 2" PVC Cap O-ring-Dynamo Pot/Housing O-ring
Purex (P-62227/72559) 1½" Ortega Valve Cap O-ring 
Purex (70213) 00B7027 O/S Bulkhead Union O-ring
Raypak U-G #H Gasket O-ring
Raypak Solar Valve Body O-ring
Swimquip (35505-1428) Elbow Assembly O-ring-System 3 Large O-ring
Waterway (805-0227) Crystal Water DE/Cartirdge Filter Ball Wall Fitting O-ring Smart Clean Sand (2-Required)
O-43 Aqua Flo (92200210) Dominator Casing 2" Fitting O-ring 
Astral (722R0620040) 2" Inlet/Outlet Fitting O-ring (2 Req.) 
Hayward (S-200-Z-3) Bulkhead Sand Filter O-ring/Micro Clear 2" Union O-ring/Super Star Clear Bulkhead Fitting (1995 & Prior)
Monarch Pot To Volute O-ring
Purex (P-62230/72560) 2" Ortega Valve Cap O-ring 
Waterways (805-0230) Long Elbow With Venturi Air Bleeder O-ring Crystal Water Cartridge Filter
O-44 Starbright Collection Tube Feed Ring
O-45 Starbright Crank Quad O-ring
Swimquip (35515-0114) Crankshaft Quad Ring
O-47 Astral (722R0140030) Air Bleed Valve O-ring
Advance (OV-11-113) Chlorinator O-ring
American M/V Rotor Shaft O-ring
E Z Chlor Flow Meter O-ring
Fischer-Porter (101W711U01) Chlorinator O-ring
Hayward (EC-2899-A) Small O-ring Also SP-722-H
Hayward (EC-2899-A) Perflex Bump Shaft O-ring
Hayward (SP-0722-H) Stem O-ring (Before 1975) 
International Crank O-ring
Jandy Leaf Trap Quick Disconnect O-ring 
Pac Fab (27-2406) 2" Valve Diverter O-ring
Polaris (C-140) Thrust Jet O-ring
Pool Sweep (05-009-1005) O-ring For All Models
Premier Shaft Extension O-ring
Premier (29-113) Spin Filter Crank O-ring
Purex (P-24199/71435) Noryl Shaft O-ring-SMBW 2000 
Rainbow (18-508) 185-08 Inlet Fitting O-ring
Raypak (800031) Bypass Manual O-ringSeries Rotor Shaft Valve O-ring
Regal (S-404) Chlorinator O-ring
Regal (S-410) Chlorinator O-ring
Swimrite Shaft O-ring
Wallace & Tiernan (27409) Chlorinator O-ring
O-48 Aqua Flo (92200190) Dominator Trap Lid O-ring
Aqua Flo (92200220) Trop Lid O-ring
Hayward (SP-0704-F) 1 ½" Vari-Flo Cover O-ring
Hayward (SP-0710X-Z-3) N/S Vari Flo Valve Lid O-ring (After 1976) Strainer Cover O-ring For Solid Cover Power Flo (Before 1978) 
Hyprime Lid O-ring
Sta Rite Delrin Hi Prime H & L O-ring
O-49 American (390040) Power Pump Diffuser O-ring 
American (468240) Power Glas Slip Body O-ring
Aqua Flo Male Adapter O-ring
Aqua Flo (FF-17-03) Compress Union O-ring
Aqua Flo (92200140) Dominator Diffuser O-ring, 1½" Fitting O-ring
Astral (722R0500035) 1 ½" Inlet/Outlet Fitting O-ring (2 Req.) and Drain Plug O-ring
Hayward (SP-1425-Z-6) Inlet Fitting O-ring (1989 and Prior)
Hayward (SP-1485-B-6) Elbow Union O-ring
Hydro Air (10-5857) ADJ Jet Test Plug Mark II O-ring
Hydro Air (11-3439) 1" Union & 1 ½" Pump Union O-ring
Hyprime Impeller O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0226-03) Inlet Fitting O-ring Seal
Lasco (5126G) O-ring
Martec/Sonfarrel (410-511) Bath Master Jet Body O-ring
Martec/Sonfarrel (700-103) Union O-ring
Premier (29-674) 1½" Tailpiece O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-226) Pump Diffuser O-ring/Maxiglas/Duraglas
Sta Rite (U9-226) Quantum 2000 Spa System O-ring For Models SK 110HXD, SK 110HXD A, SK 110HXD 1A  SK 110HXD 2A  Union O-ring Cartridge Filter PS/JW Series
Sta Rite (WC20-24) Pump Gasket
Waterway (805-0226) O-ring #7 Union/1 1/2" Stamdard TWM Filter Pack/Flo Pro II Skim Filter/Connector Tailpiece O-ring 1 1/2"
O-50 Hydro Air ADJ Flow Jet O-ring
Jacuzzi Collection O-ring
Kingfeeder/Kingtech (945) Control Dial O-ring Kit
Premier (29-225) Spin Filter Return O-ring
Saurerman Manifold O-ring
Spin Rite Collection Tube O-ring
Swimrite (28-828-678) Spin Filter Manifold O-ring 
Waterway (805-0132) Wrench/Test Plug Combo Fitting O-ring 1" Tailpiece
O-64 American (391028) Maxim/Warrior Union Swivel O-ring
American (467170) Diverta Port Valve Cap O-ring
American Granby (55-1150BSS) 2" Heat Sink O-ring
Hayward (S-200-Z-4) Sand Filter O-ring / Vari Flo Connector O-ring/Micro Clear Bulkhead O-ring (1995 & Prior)
Hyprime Pot to Volute O-ring
Jacuzzi (13-0011-02) Decmate 2" Plug O-ring Sher 80 & 120/Avalanche
Jacuzzi (13-0013-00) Deckmate 1 1/2" Plug O-ring/Avalanche
Jacuzzi (43-3091-03) Drain Assembly 1 1/2" Plug O-ring For SHER80/120/160/200 O-ring 47-0228-01
Jacuzzi (43-3092-02) Drain Assembly 2" Plug O-ring For CFR, Sher80/120/160/200 O-ring 47-0228-01
Jacuzzi (47-0228-01) 225A, B, C Jet Charger O-ring/Separation Tank Plug O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0228-35) Gyromat B/V  Upper O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0228-68) DTP Test Plug O-ring, 11/2" Union Adapter O-ring-LR9, CFR/Sherlock-Avalanche Separation Tank O-ring 
Purex N/S Tahitian Adapt O-ring
Purex (P-24102/71426) Collar & Rotor O-ring-SMBW 2000 Series
Sta Rite (U9-205) Sand Filter Riser Tube O-ring
Swimquip Internal Float Valve O-ring
Waterway (805-0228) Crystal Water DE Filter Slide Valve Top Mount O-ring
O-66 Marine (3660) Flat Rubber Gasket
O-67 Marine (1560) V Cup O-ring
Pac Fab (88-500-1) O/S SCS Series Manifold V-Ring
O-68 Marine (1220) Flat Rubber Bushing Gasket
O-69 Coleco (31954) Top O-ring
Doughboy (308-1062) Cartridge Filter Coupling O-ring
Hayward (GM-152-Z-5) Drain Plug O-ring (After 1979)
Jacuzzi (47-0212-66) Manifold Return Knob O-ring Triclops-Dial Valve O-ring Earthworks
Jacuzzi (47-0214-07) Dial Valve Shaft O-ring  
Jacuzzi (47-0214-49) Earthworks Filter O-ring
Lomart (53-049) Valve Cover Plunger O-ring
Marine (1150) Locknut O-ring
Pac Fab (19-2040) Crank Cap O-ring
Rainbow (17-2451) Check Valve O-ring
Speck Pump (2923241231) Csing Drain Plug O-ring Model 433
Swimrite (28-828-681) Marathon Grid O-ring
O-70 Marine (1160) Bushing Cup Gasket
Muskin (038-3400) Valve Waste Cap Gasket
O-71 Advance (OV-11-325) Chlorinator O-ring
American (510050) 2" B/W Valve Piston O-ring, Drain/Inspect Fittings O-ring, Eclipse SM & TM
FNS Filter, Titian Warrior
Marine (5280) Bearing & Manifold O-ring
Pac Fab (15-2122) O-ring
Pac Fab (27-3090) 2" Slide Valve Bottom Shaft O-ring
Premier 2" B/V O-ring 
O-72 Doughboy (308-1059) Dynaflow Cover O-ring
Luitweiler Pump Lid O-ring
O-73 American (395001) Americana Noryl Pump Slinger O-ring
Purex (P-35125/72187) Pump Water Slinger P-115
O-74 Ampro (600-57) H & L Pot Lid O-ring
Anthony Hydro & L Lid O-ring
Hydro Pump 5" H & L Trap O-ring 
Lomart-Prest Metals (53-058) Cycle I Strainer Cover O-ring
Marine 5" Clear Plastic H & L Lid O-ring
Pac Fab (35-4052) 540 Pump Lid O-ring
Swimquip (35505-1338) XLVI Pump Lid O-ring 
Swimrite 5" Clear H & L Clear Lid O-ring
O-75 Marlow (29038) Cover Gasket
O-76 Baker Hydro (35B1117) Spa Pak Pump Lid Gasket
Hayward (SP-0125-T) Pump Lid O-ring/Maxflo
O-77 Marlow (25783) Cover Gasket
Marlow (32593) Lid O-ring
O-78 Marlow (25784) Cover Gasket
O-79 Hayward (SP-0125-Z-3) Pump Diffuser Ring Volute
O-80 Aqua Flo (AF-10) 5" Lid O-ring (92200000)
Leisure Bay (004305) O-ring
Marine 5" Clear Lid O-ring (Special)
Premier (31-486) 5" Cover O-ring
Swimquip (35505-1344) O-ring
Swimrite 5" Clear Lid O-ring
O-81 Marine (1340) 900 MS & BH Filter Quad O-ring
O-82 American (530018) Female Bell Quad O-ring
Marine (1350) 990 MS & BH Filter Quad O-ring
O-83 Advance (OV-11-332) Chlorinator O-ring
Harmsco (930) BF96, BF144 Cartridge Filter Holding Rod O-ring
Hayward (SP-4000-Z-1) Northstar Union O-ring
Jacuzzi (85-8263-00) Drain Cap With Gasket (13-1023-06) CFR Units (2/1/93-1/3/96)
Jandy (R0339600) HHP/HHPU/MHP/MHPU Coupling Set (2 O-rings)
Landon Spin 2" Collection O-ring
Pac Fab (27-4494) Bulkhead Valve Adapter O-ring-Elevated Base Kit-TR/NS-CH-Full Flow Valve
Sta Rite (U9-156) 2" Return Hub O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-185) Filter O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-374) Diffuser O-ring-Maxi Glass/Dura Glass II/Dyna Jet
Sta Rite (35505-1424) Drain Plug O-ring System 3 DE Filter
Swimquip MK GFV 15-20-25-33 Collection O-ring
O-85 Purex (P-24250/71443) 800 Series Tank O-ring-Separation Tank
O-86 Jacuzzi (47-0214-49) Earthworks Filter O-ring
Purex (P-24225/71442) 2000 Series Tank O-ring-Nautilus Clamp Ring O-ring
Swimrite (28-828-687) Vertririte 18"Tank O-ring 
O-87 American (530028) Caribe, Quantum, Olympian, Sandpiper, Spin, Titan 18" Tank O-ring
Marine (5260) Tank O-ring
Muskin (037-3410) 18" Tank O-ring
Premier (23-671) 18" Hercules Tank O-ring
Premier (27-671) 18" Hercules Tank O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-145) 18" Tank O-ring
Swimrite (28-828-671) 18" Filter Tank O-ring
Universal Filter Tank O-ring
Wet (32-050-715) Tank O-ring
O-88 Purex (P-24150/71433) C-18 Cover O-ring
O-89 Sta Rite (U9-105) 11" Trap Lid O-ring
O-90 Anthony (04278) Separation Tank Gasket 
Sta Rite (U9-191) Separation Tank O-ring
Swimrite (30-828-678) 12" Separation Tank & Cartridge O-ring
O-92 Miami Products CF-104 20" Tank O-ring  
Sta Rite (U9-160) 20" Tank O-ring
O-93 American (550017) 24" Sandpiper Tank O-ring 
Premier (25-745) 24" Tank O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-165) 24" Tank O-ring
Swimrite (28-828-745) 24" Satelite Tank O-ring
O-96 American (570032) Carbide Filter 12" Tank O-ring & MS6-72 Separation Tank O-ring 
Premier (27-678) Hercules II Tank O-ring
O-99 Swimquip (23568-15) Separation Tank O-ring
O-99P Pac Fab (17-4704) Mytilus, Turbo, Star Tank O-ring
O-100 Swimquip (24700-68) DES-25, HRS-16 Tank O-ring
O-101 Jacuzzi (47-0569-99) Earth Works, Triclops Tank O-ring
Swimquip (24700-72) DES-36, HRS-20 Tank O-ring
O-102 Swimquip (23382-13) Model X Filter O-ring  
O-103 Hayward (S-200-Z-7) S-200 Filter Tank O-ring
Swimquip (24750-5) DEP-36, HRP20 20" Tank O-ring 
O-104 Swimquip (24751-5) DEP-51, HRP24 24" Tank O-ring 
O-105 Swimquip (24752-5) DEP-83, HRP30 30" Tank O-ring 
O-106 Swimquip (24700-73) DES-51, 60 & HRS 24" Tank O-ring
O-108 Aqua Flo (FCF-11) Flo Master Volute O-ring
Doughboy (308-1038) O-ring
Doughboy (308-1099) Diffuser O-ring-PPII
Jacuzzi (47-0256-06) PM Filter Valve O-ring
Pac Fab (15-4493) TA30/35/40/50/60 Filter Dome Lid O-ring Hi Flow M/V-Tagelus
Pac Fab (15-4494) Tagelus Valve Adapter O-ring-FNS-TR100C & TR140C-Triton C-3
Premier (31-256) 255 Series Volute O-ring
Purex (P-24030/71422) Aquatron Pump Lid O-ring-Whisper Flo Lid O-ring-Quiet Flo Before 11/98
Rainbow (21-1366) In Line Leaf Trap Lid O-ring
Rainbow (18-608) Model 180 Canister O-ring
Sta Rite Delrin H & L Lid O-ring
Sta Rite Sand Filter Cover O-ring
Swimquip (35505-1273) Float Valve O-ring
Swimrite (70-828-828) Small O-ring
Waterway (8050256) 75/125/200 Cyclone Volute O-ring
O-109 Swimquip (35515-1296) Valve Connector O-ring-Quad Ring
O-112 Swimquip (35515-0317) Filter Collection Tube O-ring
O-113 American (510104) Americana Valve O/S Piston O-ring
Anthony (17606) 3/16" Piston & 1½" Cap Ring
Coleco (31992) Top O-ring
Conger Brothers Large Air Control O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0220-09) TP-1 Test Plug O-ring
Marine 3/16" Valve Piston O-ring
Premier 1½" Cap O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-151) 1½" Piston
Sta Rite (U9-174) Valve O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-376) Maxiglas II Shaft O-ring-Dura Glass II Insert O-ring 
Swimquip (35505-1233) Index Piston O-ring
Swimrite (30-828-750) Valve Cap O-ring
O-114 American (791169) Luminator Bulb Assembly O-ring
Ampro Large O-ring For Spool, 900-8S, 900-7S
Swimquip (35505-1263) O/S Brass Pucks 1½" Piston O-ring 
Swimquip (35505-1401) Index Plate & Piston Brass Pucks O-ring 
O-115 Diaclear (DP10146) O-ring                         
Jacuzzi (47-0250-05) Pump Case O-ring For Endura/Endura Plus
Sta Rite (41301-0192) CL90/91L Chlorinator Cap O-ring
Swimquip (35505-1266) XLII Pump Seal Plate O-ring
O-115V Kingfeeder/Kingtech (B192) Performax / Cyclone Small Cap O-ring (O1-22-1920)
O-116 Swimquip (35515-0318) Collection Tube O-ring
Swimquip (35515-0514) Collection Tube O-ring
O-117 American (510032) Valve Stem O-ring
Premier (P-7515) 1½" B/V  O-ring
Swimrite (30-828-750) Piston O-ring
Swimrite (30-828-752) 1½" Piston O-ring
Swimrite (30-828-757) 1½" Piston O-ring
Universal Valve Piston O-ring
O-122 American (467150) Diverta Port Valve Puck O-ring
A.O. Smith (98198/99660) Bypass O-ring
Doughboy (308-1006) Silica I Piston O-ring-PPI
Hayward (SP-1434-TP) O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0213-08) RMST24 Drain Plug O-ring 
Jacuzzi (47-0326-02) ST27, ST33, Sandtrap Drain Plug O-ring-RMST24 
Jacuzzi (42-2904-03) Inspection Plug O-ring (Rep's #42-2872-01) RMST24
Lomart-Prest Metals (53-049) Valve Cover Plunger O-ring
Lomart-Prest Metals B/V O-ring
Marine 2" Valve Cap O-ring
Muskin (038-3414) Valve O-ring
Muskin (038-5434) B/V Gasket
Polaris (9-100-5139) Wall Bushing O-ring
Premier 2" Piston O-ring
Raypak (800104) Raytemp Valve Piston O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-152)  Valve O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-371) Drain Cap O-ring
Swimquip (35505-1313) 2" Piston O-ring-Natural/LP Gas Thermal Regulator Cap O-ring
Swimrite (30-828-759) 2" Piston O-ring
O-125 American (510034) Bronze Valve Cap O-ring ,Americana Valve, Power Pump Adapter O-ring
American Granby (50-1100BSS) 1½" Heat Sink O-ring
Anthony (17681) 3/16" Piston & 2" Cap Ring
Doughboy (308-1016) Outlet Retainer O-ring
Hayward (SP-1022-C) Seal Plug O-ring
Jacuzzi 4 Way Valve Upper Disc Body O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0224-05) PM Filter Valve O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0256-06) Filter O-ring
Landon Backwash O-ring
Marine 1½" Valve Cap O-ring
Martec/Sonfarrel (700-408) Tail 1½" O-ring 
Pac Fab (19-1474) Mytilus B Cartridge Filter, Star DE  Filter O-ring
Premier 1½" Valve Cap O-ring
Swimrite (28-828-657) Return Hub O-ring
Swimrite (28-828-667) 2" Return End Bell O-ring
Swimrite (28-828-679) SRV 42-48 Return O-ring 
Waterway (805-0224) 1 1/2" Heater Tailpiece O-ring/35 Sq. Ft. Filter Union O-ring/Clearwater DE
O-128 Doughboy (308-1039) Silica II Hose Adapter O-ring
Hayward (SP-1500-W) Strainer Connector Power Flo O-ring / Perflex 1990
O-130 American (477210) Cyclojet Small O-ring
American Crank O-ring
Aqua Flo (92200070) Clear Flo Cap O-ring
Arneson/Poolsweep (F-7) Sweephose Connector O-ring 
Baker Hydro (31B0035) p/p Valve Index Plate O-ring
Hayward (DE-360-E) Micro Clear Spacer & Vertical Grid DE 7200 Filter O-ring
Landon Crank Shaft O-ring
Letro (F07) O-ring
Pac Fab (19-2115) Drain Plug Spin Filter Crank O-ring (After 3-83) Tagelus, Sand Dollar, Challenger, Water Fall Pump/Triton II
Purex (10331/70156) 31B0035 BH Valve Index Plate
Purex (P-24001/71417) AT Pump B/V Gasket
Rainbow (17-2393) Access Plug O-ring Dynamic Series II/III
Sta Rite (31B0035) Index Plate O-ring-Slide Valve
Swimquip (14930-32) Duetta Plastic Slide Valve, Small Index Plate O-ring
Swimquip (35505-1116) Piston Assembly Stem O-ring-Plastic Valve
Waterway (805-0014) Hi Flo/SVL56 Drain Plug O-ring/Center Discharge Drain Plug O-ring/Champion
O-130V Fischer-Porter (101W902U01) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton 
Wallace & Tiernan (39648) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
O-133 American (393015) Pump Lid Quad Ring (Before 7/75) 
O-136 American (393003) Ultra Flow, Americana, Noryl, Bronze, SS H & L Pump Lid O-ring (Including 1994 and Before)
Swimrite (60-828-487) 7" Pump Clear Lid Gasket
Wet Pump Lid O-ring
O-139 American (510022) 1 ½" M/V Lid O-ring
Aqua Flo (92200080) Flo Master Volute O-ring
Aqua Flo (92200200) FMCP Volute O-ring
Hayward (SP-0710-Z-3) Valve Lid O-ring (Before 1978)/Power Flo Lid O-ring
Leisure Bay (303172) Rainbow Brominator Cover O-ring
Martec/Sonfarrel (300-004) Wet End O-ring
Sta Rite PDC 4 & 6 Bottom O-ring
Sta Rite (14971-SM10E7) 1 ½" M/V Cover O-ring
Swimquip (35505-1408) XLVII Pump Volute O-ring
Waterways (3030172) 48 Frame Pump Volute O-ring
O-141 Baker Hydro (31B1107) Spa Pak Pump Diffuser Ring
Hayward (SP-1600-R) Super Pump Diffuser Gasket/Maxflo   
O-142 South Pacific O/S Lid O-ring-Brown
Sta Rite (U9-171) 8" Trap Lid O-ring
O-147 Premier (29-113) Spin Filter Crank O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-158) D Ring Drive Plate Filter O-ring
O-150 Jacuzzi (47-0357-04) Pump Lid O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0357-46) J, JLM, K, KM, JC Pump Housing O-ring (12-86)
Jacuzzi (47-0433-51) USLB 6" Lid O-ring & ULSC
Pac Fab (35-7255) Lid O-ring Optiflo
Sta Rite (U9-211) Sand Filter O-ring
O-151 Sta Rite (U9-203) Sand Filter O-ring
Waterway (805-0145) Union Assembly 2" O-ring/Outlet Elbow O-ring/Crystal Water DE Filter
O-155 American (467130) Diverta Port Valve Bobbin O-ring
American (570065) Commander Gauge Plug Maximum Pump O-ring / Americana II
American (570065) Maxim Pump O-ring
Astral (722R1000025) Pressure Gauge O-ring
Hayward (SP-1082-Z-410) Star Clear Relief Valve O-ring / Regenex Piston O-ring
Hayward (EC-1321-A) Micro Star/Star Clear II (88 & Prior) Filter Air Relief Valve O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0110-02) Valve & Filter O-ring Spring Retainer/Dial Valve
Pac Fab (27-3060) 2" PVC Valve Shaft O-ring
Purex (P-24200/71436) Selector Valve Shaft O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-221) WC-212 Valve Cap O-ring
Swimquip (35505-1152) Dial Valve Shaft O-ring
Swimrite (30-828-670) Valve Stem O-ring
Waterway (805-0110) Pressure Relief Valve O-ring Crystal Water DE Filter
O-155V Advance (OV-11-110) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Wallace & Tiernan (31702) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
O-158 Arneson/Pool-Sweep (E-43) Turbo Sweep O-ring 
Blue White (9003-067) Chlorinator O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0116-06) Filtromat O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0116-30) Dial Valve O-ring 
Jacuzzi (47-0117-05) 1½" Valve O-ring Shaft Retainer/Dial Valve
Jandy (1307) Stem O-ring
Jandy (3940) Actuator Valve O-ring
Jandy (R0552200) Backwash Valve Shaft O-ring
Letro (E-43) Turbo Sweep O-ring
Martec/Sonfarrel (201-002) Bleed Plug O-ring
Pac Fab (2-116) Crankshaft O-ring
Pac Fab (19-2039) SCS Filter Crank O-ring-Full Flow Valve
Purex (P-24104/71428) Tahitian Cap & Rotor Shaft O-ring
Purex (P-60886/72552) Liftlock Shaft O-ring
O-159 American (501521) 1 ½" T/M M/V II O-ring
Lasco (83008) 1½" PVC Union O-ring
Purex (P-24100/71424) Cap O-ring     
O-160 Airquatic (5099-149) FG Filter Lid O-ring 
Pac Fab (15-2501) TA100D Valve Adapter O-ring 
Shasta Dome O-ring
Speck Pump (2923241200) Casing O-ring Model 21-80 GS
Sta Rite (U9-241) Pump O-ring
O-161 American (392041) Lid O-ring
Premier 550 6" Lid O-ring
Premier (33-489) 6" Cover O-ring
Purex (P-24050/71423) C-70 Flange O-ring
O-163 King Tech (R259V) Body O-ring
Jandy (R0340400) MHP/MHPU Body O-ring
Purex (P-24103/71427) Valve Body O-ring-SMBW 2000 Series/3 Port Valve O-ring
Pac Fab (35-4535) Dynamo Bracket Diffuser O-ring 
O-165 Hayward (C-250-Z-6) O-ring
Laars (E-363) Heater O-ring
Purex (P-24308/71449) Tahitian Filter Shaft O-ring
O-168 Hayward (SP-0722-G) Ball Valve End Connector Bonnet O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0142-04) 39-1619-06 Assembly O-ring/Dial Valve 2" Multiport
Kingfeeder/Kingtech (740-746) Cam O-ring
Lasco (83009) 2" PVC Union O-ring 
Leisure Bay (002697) Body O-ring King Tech
Purex CHD 2" Valve Cap O-ring
Purex (P-00996/70345) O/S Tahitian Adapt O-ring 
O-169 American (395004) Seal Plate O-ring (Before 1975)
O-170 American (791016) Amerilite Light Lens Gasket
O-171 Muskin (037-3412) Strainer Pump Lid O-ring
Sta Rite (35505-1437) Trap Lid O-ring ABG Series
O-172 Hayward (SP-0540-Z-2) Light Lens Gasket
Purex (P-11324/70945) Light Lens Gasket    
O-173 Swimquip (05057-0118) Lens Gasket     
O-174 Hayward (SP-0503-W) Light Lens Gasket
O-176 Hayward (SP-0710-D) 6 Spoke Spider Gasket (Before 1977)
O-176A Hayward (SP-0710X-D) 5 Spoke Spider Gasket  (After 1977) 
Pac Fab (SP-710-X-D) M/V Seat Gasket
O-177 Hayward (SP-1600-S) Super Pump Lid Gasket
O-178 Hayward (SP-0501-HJ) Light Lens Gasket
O-179 Anthony O/S Light Base O-ring
Omni (0-5960) Chlorinator O-ring
Pac Fab (15-4492) 2" Bulkhead O-ring/Nautilus-FNS-Triton II-TR100C & TR140C
Plasticline 2" Union O-ring
Sta Rite (WC9-7) Sand Filter O-ring
Swimquip HRV 24 Collection O-ring
O-180 Doughboy (308-1150) O-ring
Hayward (SP-0410-Z-2) SP410X Large Piston O-ring
Lomart-Prest Metals (53-185) Air Relief O-ring
Pac Fab (19-2122) Filter Return O-ring
Sta Rite Vertical Filter Manifold O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-285) Adapter O-ring Plastic Suction Trap
O-182 Pac Fab (35-2604) 590 Pump Lid O-ring
Pac Fab 5" H & L Trap O-ring
Speck Pump (2921841210) O-ring Flange Adapter Model 93
Swimrite (60-828-486) 5" Pump Clear Lid Gasket
O-183 Pac Fab (35-4056) Pump Lid O-ring
Premier (39-441) 8" Trap Lid O-ring
O-184 Pac Fab (15-2127) Nautilus PF-35 18" Tank O-ring
O-185 Pac Fab (15-2038) PF-50 22" Tank O-ring
O-186 American (510059) Air Relief Separation Tank MS 6-60 O-ring
Arneson/Poolsweep (G-12) Gear Axle O-ring 
Blue White (9003-003) Chlorinator O-ring
Hayward (SP-0072-Z-4) Sight Glass/Valve Stem O-ring
Hayward (DE-2400-Z-3A) Relief Valve Stem O-ring Kit
Laars (S-328) Heater O-ring
Letro (G-12) O-ring
Purex (P-24003/71419) Whisper Flo Impeller Lock Screw O-ring
Waterway 75/125/200 Sq. Ft. Filter Bleeder Valve O-ring
O-186V Advance (OV-11-010) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Fischer-Porter (101W705U01) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Wallace & Tiernan (25900) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Wallace & Tiernan (41106) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
O-188 Arneson/Poolsweep (J-4) Valve Body O-ring 
Hayward (GM-600-D) Teflon Bearing Washer  
Letro (J-04) O-ring
Polaris (D-24) Quick Connect O-ring
Purex (P-24107/71430) Whisper Flo Seal Vent O-ring
O-188V Fischer-Porter (101W904U01) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Wallace & Tiernan (31882) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
O-189 Arneson/Poolsweep (G-32) Lower Bearing O-ring 
Doughboy (308-1044) O-ring Valve Rotor
Doughboy (308-1043) Silica I & II Tank Drain O-ring
Hayward (SP-710-Z-1) Non Metallic Bearing
Jacuzzi (47-0123-07) RM2 Injector Cap (After 11-1-91)
Letro (G-32) O-ring
Waterway (805-0123) Union Assembly 1" O-ring
O-190 Purex (P-28125/71722) Piston O-ring
O-191 Landon Separation Tank O-ring
Purex (P-24275) Filter Lid O-ring
Purex (P-24220/71441) CF-25, 50 & 700 Tank O-ring
Swimrite (38-828-680) 10" Septic Tank O-ring
O-194 American (510076) Separation Tank Lid O-ring     
Marine (99-8660-5) Large Separation Tank Gasket
Sta Rite (WC20-04) 9 1/2" Separation Tank Gasket
O-195 Sta Rite (WC20-03) 6 1/2" Separation Tank Gasket
O-196 Swimrite (28-828-280) Marathon V  Filter Lid Gasket 
O-197 International (6721-9) Tank O-ring
O-198 Sauerman Small Tank O-ring
O-199 Sauerman Large Tank O-ring
O-200 Anthony (17434) A-40 O-ring
Pac Fab (19-5008) O/S Nautilus Tank O-ring
Starbright 20" Tank O-ring
O-201 International (6291-9) Tank O-ring
O-202 Doughboy (308-1142) 20" Tank O-ring
Lomart-Prest Metals (53-174) 20" Tank O-ring
Marine (5740) MS Tank O-ring
Starbright Tank O-ring
O-203 Pac Fab ½" x 66 7/8" Tank O-ring
O-204 Anthony (12382) Ditron Tank O-ring
O-205 Pac Fab 9/16" x 67½"  Tank O-ring
O-206 Pac Fab (27-3059) 2" Piston O-ring
O-207 Baker Hydro (00B7014) Valve Piston O-ring (3 Req.)
Harmsco (551) Standpipe O-ring
Hayward (GM-142-Z-2) Pump O-ring
Purex (70212) 00B7014 O-ring Valve Piston
Sta Rite (OOB7014) Valve Piston O-ring
Swimquip (35515-0314) Q30 MK Adapt O-ring
O-208 Sta Rite (C21-2) Pump Diffuser O-ring
O-209 Sta Rite (C69-2) Pump Slinger (Replaces N69-1) Dura Jet
Sta Rite (N69-1) Pump Slinger (Replaces C69-2) 
Sta Rite (C69-24) Dyna Glass Slinger Pump-Dyna Max-Dyna Jet
O-210 Pac Fab (27-3012) O/S 1½" Piston O-ring
O-211 Pac Fab (27-3160) N/S 1½" Piston O-ring
O-212 Swimrite (70-828-827) Large O-ring
O-213 Doughboy (308-1134)Pro X Series B/V Cap O-ring
Lomart-Prest Metals (53-044) Pro X Series B/V Cap O-ring
Swimrite (28-828-021) O-ring
O-214 Premier (31-713) O-ring
Swimrite (60-828-713) 7" SS Pump Lid O-ring
O-215 Baker Hydro (00B7013) Filter Lid O-ring (1969-1971)
Baker Hydro (00B7028) Baker II Clamp O-ring
Purex (70211) 00B7013 Gasket V-Band Lid
Sta Rite (00B7013) HRP36 Filter O-ring
O-216 Swimrite (28-828-668) Ref End Bell O-ring
O-217 Swimrite (60-828-713) 7" SS Pump Lid O-ring
O-218 American (392041) Eagle Pump Olympian T/M Filter Lid O-ring For Multiport Valve
Premier (P-13-6P) N/S Clear Lid O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-229) Dura Glass Pump Lid O-ring-JW/PA  Cap Series
O-219 Jacuzzi (47-0020-01) Filtromat Series K O-ring
O-220 Doughboy (308-1013) Pump Discharge O-ring
Fischer-Porter (101W910U01) Chlorinator O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0022-09) PVM, DV35-15 HP Shaft Sleeve O-ring
O-222 Baker Hydro (301560) Old Spa Pak Pump Gasket
Hayward (SP-1491-B) Econo Union O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0129-01) Skimmer Mat O-ring 
Marlow Mar-Dur 1/3-1 HP Diffuser O-ring
O-223 Jacuzzi (47-0143-03) 2" M/V O-ring (After 8-73)/39-0342-02 Assembly Dial Valve
Jandy (6749) Cover O-ring SSV
Kingfeeder/Kingtech (122) Cap O-ring
O-224 Jacuzzi (47-0144-02) 2" M/V O-ring (Before 8-73)
O-225 Doughboy (308-1002) Lid Bushing O-ring/1400,1500
International Lower Piston O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0216-05) Venturi O-ring                
Swimquip (14962-35) Small O-ring For Kit
Swimquip (35505-1228) Dial Valve O-ring
Swimrite O/S Lower Piston O-ring
O-225V Fischer-Porter (101W721U07) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
O-226 Jacuzzi (47-0221-08) 4-Way Valve Body Disc O-ring
O-227 American Spacemaker Collector O-ring
Hayward (SP-1028-Z-5B) Pump Housing O-ring (1986) Power Flo
Hyprime Small Impeller O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0222-07) Filter Valve O-ring
O-228 Aqua Flo (92200270) Tub-Master FMCP Volute O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0251-01) Lint Catcher U Pump O-ring
Martec/Sonfarrel (310-104) Booster Pump O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-114) Pump O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-167) PCD-10B Pump O-ring
Swimquip XL-VII Bracket To Value O-ring
O-229 Ampro (300-6) Noryl Pump Body O-ring
Doughboy (308-1137) Pro Pump Sealing Plate O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0264-06) 5-Way Valve O-ring
Jandy (R0338700) HHP/HHPU Body O-ring
Lomart-Prest Metals (53-180) Pro Pump O-ring
Swimquip (05101-0002) Sunsaver Light Housing O-ring After 1999
O-230 Jacuzzi (47-0348-06) Pump & Filter Multiuse O-ring
Speck Pump (2921341250) O-ring Diffuser Model 93
O-231 Doughboy (308-1125) Cyclops, Pro X Strainer Cover O-ring 
Hayward (SP-1500-P) Power Flo Pump Lid O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0354-07) U Series Pump O-ring
Leisure Bay (004036 Wet End Housing O-ring
Leisure Bay (303420) Hayward Strainer Lid O-ring
Lomart-Prest Metals (53-159) Cyclops II, Pro X Strainer O-ring
Pac Fab (35-4533) Dynamo Lid, Dyna-mite, Dynatron Housing O-ring 
Speck Pump (2921141215) Lid O-ring Model E90
Sta Rite (35505-7430) Seal Plate O-ring Dura Jet
Waterway (805-0252) Center Discharge Volute O-ring
O-231V Hayward (CL-200-K) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
O-232 American (510119) Eclipse Filter-Top Mount O-ring/Meteor
Jacuzzi (47-0359-02) Filter Valve O-ring
Jandy HHP/HHPU/MHP/MHPU Pot Lid O-ring
King Tech (9926) Cap O-ring
Leisure Bay (002975) Fits All Large Cyclers Cap O-ring King Tech
Pac Fab (35-3525) Porpoise Filter Clear Lid O-ring
O-233 Jacuzzi (47-0370-07) 2" M/V Body O-ring-Dial Valve  39-0342-02 Assembly
O-234 Jacuzzi (47-0433-02) Filtromat O-ring
O-235 Jacuzzi (13-0301-01) Tank Clamp Gasket
Miami Products CF-52 16" Tank O-ring
O-236 Jacuzzi (47-0442-01) H & L Strainer Pump O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0442-33) Light Lens O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-369) TBP Filter Valve Flange O-ring, WC112-147 Tank Flange O-ring Waterford System Tank O-ring
Sta Rite (25200-0011) Tank Lid O-ring PRC Model
O-237 Hayward (SP-1705-Z-1) Pump Housing Gasket/Power Flo II
Jacuzzi (47-0257-05) Separation Tank Support O-ring
Premier (31-162) Booster Pump Volute O-ring
Waterway (805-0215) DE Filter Knob O-ring
O-239 Jacuzzi (13-0220-09) Flange O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0448-05) O-ring
Sta Rite (WC9-3) Cartridge Filter Tank O-ring-Posi Flo Separation Tank
Swimquip (35505-1365) O-ring
O-240 American (390060) Ultra Flow Pump Volute O-ring
Aqua Flo (92200180) Dominator Seal Plate O-ring
Hayward (CX-900-F) Star Clear Plus Filter Head O-ring
Martec/Sonfarrel (320-110) Pool Master Housing O-ring
Premier (31-358) Volute O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-228) Dura Glass Pump Clamp O-ring-Maxi Glass
Swimquip (35505-0422) Seal Plate Housing O-ring
O-241 Baker Hydro (15B0100) U Cup Filter Gasket (After 1972)
Purex (10282/70107) 15B0100 U-Cup Lid Gasket
O-242 Speck Pump (2926241210) Casing O-ring Model 93
Swimquip (35505-1281) Skimmer O-ring
O-243 American Air Relief Valve O-ring 
Blue White (C-350) 326 Check Ball O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0008-07) O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0080-76) O-ring
Jandy (R0375800) Ray Vac Latch O-ring 008
Marine (1666) Thermometer O-ring
Swimquip (35505-1009) F/P Hydro Val Inlet O-ring
O-243V Advance (OV-11-008) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Regal (S-302) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Wallace & Tiernan (30343) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
O-244 American (390066) Ultra Flow Pump Diffuser O-ring
Doughboy (308-1227) O-ring PPIII
Lasco (80231) O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-362) Side Mount WC212-1438, 144P, 138B, S7M120, S8M150 Valve O-ring
Swimquip (35505-1245) Turbo Clean Head O-ring
Tesco M/A Feeder Cap O-ring
 O-245 Hayward (SP-0735-H) Ball Valve Connector O-ring
Swimquip (14930-32) Duetta Plastic Slide Valve, Large Index Plate O-ring
Swimquip (35505-1246) Turbo Clean Head O-ring-Plastic Valve
Swimquip Plastic Slide Valve Cap O-ring
Waterway (805-0232) Union Assembly 2 1/2" O-ring/Crystal Water DE Filter (2)/Cartridge Filter
O-246 Swimquip (35505-1323) Roto Trol Valve O-ring
O-247 Swimquip (35505-1121) Dial Valve O-ring
O-248 Jandy (1132) Valve Cover O-ring
Polaris (E-30) Backup Valve Case O-ring (Before 1986)   
Purex (P-60882/72549) Liftlock Mixing Valve O-ring-Ortega Motor Box O-ring
Swimquip (35505-0198) 3 Port Actuator O-ring
O-249 Swimquip (35505-1007) FPS Hydro Val Inlet O-ring
Waterway 75/125/200 Sq. Ft. Filter Bleeder Valve O-ring
O-249V Advance (OV-11-006) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Fischer-Porter (101W701U01) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Regal (S-301) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Wallace & Tiernan (24161) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
O-250 Tiara Spa (H-301) Upper Case Widget O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0433-51) 6" USLB Lid O-ring
O-251 Arneson/Poolsweep (W-430) Leaf Canister O-ring
Tiara Spa (H-301) Lower Case O-ring
O-252 Anthony O/S 1 ½" Piston O-ring
Blue Haven 1 ½" O/S Piston O-ring 
O-253 Ampro 900-9S, 900-8S & 900-7S Small Spool O-ring
Blue White (C-502) Tube Adapter O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0013-00) MFM Filter Bottom Drain O-ring
O-253V Fischer-Porter (101W901U01) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Wallace & Tiernan (38437) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
O-254V Mec-O-Matic (88004-73) HJ & Barracuda Viton Kit
O-255 Baker Hydro (254760) O/S Spa Pak Pump Gasket
Marlow Mar-Dur 1 ½-2 HP Diffuser O-ring
Purex (P-24125/71432) 2" Valve Cap O-ring
O-256 Diaclear (8256-11) ES-7 Gorman Rupp O-ring
Doughboy (308-1010) Pump O-ring
O-257 American (421612) Power Glas Volute O-ring
Aqua Flo (FF-11)/(92200090) Flo Master Volute O-ring 
Diaclear (C-10139) MS-16 & MS-18 Cover O-ring
Premier (31-158) Volute O-ring
Pac Fab (35-2626) Hydropump B/V O-ring
O-258 Diaclear (C-10146) MS-12-18 O-ring For C10145
O-259 Diaclear (C-46181) ES-7 Cover O-ring
O-260 Marlow (28219) 3B-28EC-C1 6" Cover Gasket
O-261 Marlow All AF Pump Cover Gasket
O-262 Marlow AF 1-2 HP Pump Diffuser Gasket
O-263 Hayward (GM-600-F) Valve To Filter Lid O-ring Pro Series
Jacuzzi (47-0464-04) 2" Praher DV Cover O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0364-05) 2" Dial Valve 39-0342-02 Assembly O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0364-47) Magnum Energy Efficient /Standard Hi-Hd Hi-Flow 2SP Pump Housing O-ring-2" Dial Valve 
Cover O-ring 39-0342-02 Assembly Marlow (4480200) Argonaut Bracket O-ring
O-264 Baker Hydro (39404-0) Old Spa Pak Pump Gasket
Jacuzzi (47-0466-02) P, ERC, RC, RTC Square Ring-Case Assembly O-ring PH
Marlow (37404) Mar-Dur 1½ & 2 Cover Gasket
O-265 Baker Hydro (37482-0) Old Spa Pak Pump Gasket
Marlow (37482) Mar-Dur Pump Seal Plate Gasket 
O-266 Baker Hydro (37478-0) Old Spa Pak Pump Gasket
Jacuzzi (47-0248-56) Dial Valve Square Ring
Marlow (37478) Mar-Dur 1/3-1 HP Pump Cover Gasket
O-267 Baker Hydro (37479-0) Old Spa Pak Pump Gasket
Marlow (37479) All Mar-Dur Pot Tank Gasket
O-268 Gold Marc/Hayward  Model 181 & 241 Cover O-ring
O-269 Marlow (30156) ½ & 1/3 H Pump Diffuser Gasket
O-270 Marlow (25476) ¾ & 1 ½ HP H Pump Diffuser Gasket
O-271 Baker Hydro (00B7015) Piston O-ring Kit     
Baker Hydro (31B0024) Piston O-ring Kit 
Purex (10330/70155) 31B0024 BH Valve O-ring Kit
Sta Rite (31B0024) Rep Kit O-ring-Slide Valve
O-273 Harmsco (552) Holding Rod O-ring
Waterway 75/125/200 Sq. Ft. Filter Water Release O-ring
O-274 Mec-O-Matic (66-12013) Feeder V  Black O-ring
O-275 Hayward (SP-0724-G) End Connector O-ring
O-276 Advance (OV-11-212) Chlorinator O-ring
American (501414) 1½" T/M Series M/V O-ring
American (510026) M/V Rotor O-ring
Hayward (SP-0735-G) Valve Stem O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0212-09) RM2, RM3 S/W Injectors/2" Dial Valve Head O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0465-03) Dial Valve Diverter O-ring
Muskin (037-3435) Pump FP O-ring
Pac Fab (SP735-G) M/V Shaft Seal O-ring
Pac Fab (19-1479) Star DE Filter O-ring
Sta Rite (14971-SM10E10) 1 ½" M/V Stem O-ring
Wallace & Tiernan (46129) Chlorinator O-ring
O-277 Aqua Flo (CF-11) C Series Volute O-ring
Aqua Flo (92200050) C Series Volute O-ring
American (510183) 2" M/V-Threaded Lid O-ring
Ampro (200-3) Lexan Pump Body O-ring
Hayward (SP-0715-Z-1) 2" M/V Lid O-ring
Purex (P-24301/71447) PA Pump  Valute O-ring
O-278 Alden Leeds Divert-o-trol Lid O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0353-40) EP Pump Lid O-ring SLPH & SLTPH, L Series, U Series  
Purex (75848) RP/RPF/APF/R Series 400/401/500/501 Diffuser O-ring
O-279 Diaclear (C46222) MS 12-18 Channel Gasket
O-280 Miami Products FG-18 & FG-24  24" Lid O-ring
O-281 John Mansville  JM & Amitek Filter O-ring
Jandy (2614) Energy Filter Bowl O-ring  
O-282 Anthony N/S Piston O-ring
Coleco (33236) Strainer Inlet O-ring 
Doughboy (308-1061) Dynaflow Basket Port O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0218-11) NAC Series Air Control Knob O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0218-45) AC-2 Air Control Knob O-ring
Plasticline ¾ Union O-ring
O-283 Astral (722R0840030) Center Cap O-ring
Coleco (33235) Cover O-ring
Rainbow (172009) Lifeguard Cartridge Lid O-ring
Pac Fab (15-4005) Triton C3 Spacer O-ring
Sta Rite (35505-1425) Bulkhead Fitting O-ring System 3 Modular Media Filter
Swimquip (35505-1332) O-ring
O-283V Rainbow (172009) Lifeguard Chlorinator Lid O-ring V For Viton/Standard & Hi Sq. Ft. Module Filter Cap O-ring 
O-284 Hayward (S-200-Z-6) Sand Filter Lid O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-6663-02) Cygnet Seal Plate O-ring
Pac Fab (27-5333) TA100D Valve Body O-ring-Tagelus 
Speck Pump (2921641223) Casing O-ring Model E91
O-285 American (470628) Luxury Spa Fitting O-ring, Luxury Swirl Jet O-ring
Diaclear (DP46350) Slide Valve Cover O-ring
Starbright Skim Filter Manifold O-ring      
O-286 American (391016) Americana II Power Glas Body O-ring
International Manifold O-ring
Pac Fab (19-1517) Center Pipe O-ring Star Polymeric Filter/Shaft O-ring Optiflo
O-287 Aqua Flo (FF 12-1)/(92200110) Flo Master Suction O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0225-04) Union Hose Assembly O-ring Laser
Marine (1560) Deck Filter Manifold O-ring
Pac Fab (15-5064) TA30/35/40/50/60 Tagelus, Star  Stand Pipe O-ring
Purex (P-24219/71440) JT O-ring
Premier (33-229) Pump O-ring Set 
Premier (33-229) 1½" Tailpiece O-ring (For Kit O-287 & O-301)
Sta Rite (24700-0413) Plug O-ring Only High Rate Sand Filter
Swimquip (35505-1238) FCP Cartridge Drain Plug O-ring
O-288 American (5500067) Sahara Sandpiper Drain Filter O-ring
Electrofeed 25-A-Fitting O-ring
Hayward (CX-900-H) Star Clear Plus Locking Knob O-ring            
Hustler (A211) Large O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0211-00) JY Tail Brg
Leisure Bay (111902) Drain O-ring 93 Model Waterway
Swimquip (35505-1223) 2" Valve Shaft Seal O-ring
Waterway (7111930) 50/100/150 Sq. Ft. Filter Drain Plug O-ring
Waterway (805-0117) Drain O-ring 93 Model
O-288V Fischer-Porter (101W716U01) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
O-289 Swimrite (28-828-689) Marathon Filter O-ring
O-290 Harmsco (550) 11" Rim Gasket
O-291 Harmsco (701) 6 ½" Rim Gasket
O-292 Pac Fab (31-3225) 11" Mitra separation Tank O-ring
O-293 Anthony (17433) 18" Tank O-ring
Purex (P-24215/71437) CF-100 Tank O-ring
O-294 Lomart-Prest Metals (53-015) Tank Gasket
O-295 Lomart-Prest Metals (53-110) Tank Gasket
O-296 Lomart-Prest Metals (53-014) Tank Gasket
O-297 Doughboy (308-1141) Filter Tank O-ring
Lomart-Prest Metals (53-097) Filter Tank O-ring
O-298 Lomart-Prest Metals (53-074) Tank Gasket 
O-299 Aqua Flo (92200290) XP-DII Series Volute O-ring
Doughboy (308-1124) Cyclops Mark 5 O-ring
Hayward (SP-1580-Z-1) Power Flo Housing O-ring 
Kingfeeder/Kingtech (942) Performax Feeder Body O-ring (Before 1991)
Jacuzzi (47-0258-04) O-ring
Lomart-Prest Metals (53-132) Cyclops Mark 5 O-ring
Polaris (P-95) Pump Volute O-ring
Premier (35-162) Volute O-ring
Purex (P-24103/71427) Aquatron Pump B/V O-ring
Swimquip (35505-1275) WC112-147 M/V Cover O-ring 
O-300 American (395013) American Pump Seal Plate O-ring (After 7/75)
O-301 American (570082) Admiral Twin Port Skimmer S20 Equalizer O-ring
Aqua Flo (FF-12/92200100) Flo Master Suction O-ring
Doughboy (308-1008) Valve Body O-ring
Hydro Air (11-3469) 1 ½" & 2" Union O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0229-00) 2" Dial Valve Bottom Only O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0467-01) Dial Valve O-ring
Martec/Sonfarrel (700-038) Tail 2" O-ring
Pac Fab (35-5330) Challenger Pump Strainer Pot Flange O-ring (Std Pipe TA100D) NS/CH Base Kit-Waterfall Pump
Premier Large & Spa II O-ring
Premier (25-229) 2" Tailpiece O-ring (Kit O-301 & O-287)
Regal (S-409) Chlorinator O-ring
Waterway (805-0229) 2" Heater O-ring
O-302 American (390004) Power Pump Lid O-ring
Jacuzzi ULSB Clear Lid O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0434-01) Magnum Pump Lid O-ring (Before 7-89) (Effective 4-29-92) Laser Tank Adapter Valve Flange O-ring
Pac Fab (35-3525) N/S Pump Clear Lid O-ring
Pac Fab (35-5332) N/S Challenger Pump Lid O-ring-Waterfall Pump
Pac Fab (35-2600) N/S 700 Pump O-ring 
Sta Rite (WC9-11) Cartridge Filter Seal Ring
O-303 Aqua Flo (FF-14-02) Seal Cup O-ring
Doughboy (308-1003) Manifold Bearing O-ring
Doughboy (308-1040) Backplate O-ring-PPII Insulator
Hayward (SP-1500-M) SF400 Drain Valve Small Valve O-ring
Muskin (037-3406) Spider O-ring
O-304 Doughboy (308-1014) 1141, 1162, MY185 Cartridge O-ring
Purex (P-24263/71445) Whisper Flo Seal Plate O-ring
O-305 Hayward (C-250-F) Cartridge Filter Tank O-ring Starclear
O-306 Doughboy (308-1000) MY-220 Pump & Tank Gasket/387-1001 V-BandClp-1400-1500
Muskin (037-3434) 16" Tank Ring
O-307 Doughboy (308-1012) #1110D Tank Cover O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0161-00) DA1A-DA1B Case O-ring
O-308 Muskin (037-3403) Tank Gasket
O-309 Ampro (1403) Cover Gasket
Muskin (037-3424) 14" Tank Lid O-ring
O-311 Coleco (31953) Cartridge Gasket
O-312 Coleco (33510) Fiberglass Tank Gasket
O-313 Gould O/S Turbo Valve O-ring
O-314 Marine (7650-3) 6 ¾" Pump Lid O-ring
O-315 Ampro 900 Backwash O-ring 
Swimquip (35505-1423) System 3 Sand Adapt O-ring-DE Filter
O-316 South Pacific O/S Lid O-ring-White
O-317 South Pacific N/S Lid O-ring-Brown
O-318 Leisure Bay (111863) 48 Frame Strainer Cover O-ring Wet End
Pac Fab (35-5332) O/S Challenger/Pinnacle Pump Lid O-ring 
Pac Fab (35-2600) O/S 700 Pump Lid O-ring
Swimquip XL-VII H & L Pot O-ring
Waterway (8050436) 48 Frame Pump Lid O-ring
Waterway (1110863) 75/125/200 Cyclone Lid O-ring
O-319 American (570113) Commander II (In Line) Cartridge Filter Seal Drain O-ring
Purex (P-62030/72553) 1½" Ortega Valve Cover O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-239) Pump O-ring
O-320 Purex (P-62034/72554) 2" Ortega Valve Cover O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-240) Pump O-ring
O-321 Kingfeeder/Kingtech (740-722) Basket O-ring
Purex (P-26136/72557) Ortega Valve Equalize O-ring
Speck Pump (2920241220) Union O-ring 1 1/2" Slip Model S90/98/E90
O-322 American (510186) 2" M/V (Threaded) Spider Gasket 
Hayward (SP-0715-D) 2" Valve Seat Gasket
Pac Fab (SP-715-D) 2" Valve Gasket
O-323 Sta Rite (U9-259) Separation Tank O-ring
O-324 American (850151) S-20 Skimmer Bottom O-ring
O-325 American (510135) ABS Valve Body Cap, Sandpiper 18" & 24" (Before 1-1-90) Caribe / Titan 133,184,368 / Union O-ring / Push Pull Valve Cap O-ring American Titan Manifold O-ring
Baker Hydro Valve Coupler O-ring
Baker Hydro (00B7001) Bulkhead Fitting O-ring (Before 1981)
Pac Fab Nautilus Manifold O-ring
Pac Fab PVC B/V  Cap O-ring
Pac Fab RPZ Pot To Volute O-ring
Pac Fab Mark Series Center Pipe O-ring
Pac Fab (19-2300) Mytilus Connector & Bulk O-ring
Purex CHD Spin Collection O-ring
Purex (70238) 00B7001 Bulkhead O-ring 
Swimquip DEP83 Valve Adapter O-ring
O-326 American (432160) Super Flo II Cartridge Filter Knob O-ring
American (570067) Commander Knob Seal O-ring
Regal (S-406) Chlorinator O-ring
O-327 Conger Brothers Mini Air Control O-ring
Hayward (C-250-Z-7) Cartridge Filter Locking Ring Starclear
Hayward (GM-152-Z-5) Drain Plug O-ring (After 1979)
Kingfeeder/Kingtech Cam O-ring
O-328 Baker Hydro (00B7026) Newport Sand Filter Valve Tank O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0262-08) Deckmate Float Valve O-ring
Jacuzzi (94-1100-38) Float Valve O-ring Deckmate
O-329 American (397028) Bronze, Noryl Seal Plate O-ring, Commander II Filter
Premier (31-159) Volute O-ring
Wet Pump Seal Plate O-ring
O-329V Kingfeeder/Kingtech (992) Performax Body O-ring, Replaces 942 V For Viton
O-330 American (392003) Eagle Pump Plate To Volute O-ring/Olympian Filter Lid O-ring
Baker Hydro (17B1087) 25 Sq. Ft. Filter Lid O-ring
Hayward (C-120-D) Cartridge Filter Lid O-ring Micro Starclear
Jacuzzi (47-0360-09) CFT, CFR Filter Lid O-ring
Lomart-Prest Metals (53-200) Pro Pump Cover O-ring
Rainbow (17-2223) 25 Sq. Ft. Filter Lid O-ring Dynamic Series I/II/III-Bromine Dispenser Housing O-ring
Swimquip (16920-12) XL-VII Pump Lid O-ring
O-332 Jacuzzi (47-0258-61) L Series Pump Square Ring (Before 5-88)
Jacuzzi (47-0463-05) P Pump Square Seal O-ring
O-333 Purex (P-24218/71439) SM/SMBW 4000 Series Lid O-ring
O-334 Swimquip (24753-5) DEP-25, 216,108, 72 Cartridge Filter Fits 16" Fiberglass Tank O-ring
O-335 Sta Rite (U9-175) Separation Tank O-ring
O-336 Jacuzzi (47-0358-03) Magnum Pump Lid O-ring (After 7-89) R, P, PC, UP Series
Martec/Sonfarrel (201-004) Filter Body O-ring
Pac Fab (35-4053) 700 Glas Pump Lid M/V Top O-ring
Sta Rite (35505-1438) Seal Plate O-ring ABG Series
Swimquip (35505-1409) Skimmer Lid O-ring
O-337 Pac Fab (15-2235) PF-100 16" Tank O-ring
O-338 Jacuzzi (13-0417-02) C/F Filter Cover O-ring
O-339 Hayward (S-160-Z-1) Sand Filter Tank O-ring
O-340 Hayward (S-240-Z-1) Sand Filter Tank O-ring
O-341 Hayward (SP-1485-C) Sand Filter Elbow O-ring
O-342 American (570073) Commander Tank O-ring
Sta Rite (WC9-11) Cartridge Filter Seal O-ring
O-343 Sta Rite (U9-200) PLBC Tank O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-389) PLBC Tank O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-399) PLBC Tank O-ring
O-344 American (791085) Spa Light Lens Gasket  for Spabrite/Aqualight
O-345 American (510013) M/V Shaft Teflon Ring
O-346 Wallace & Tiernan (44121) Chlorinator O-ring
O-347V Wallace & Tiernan (45336) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
O-348V Advance (OV-11-009) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Fischer-Porter (101W704U01) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Regal (S-401) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Wallace & Tiernan (33051) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Wallace & Tiernan (44119) Chlorinator O-ring Viton
O-349V Advance (OV-11-011) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Fischer-Porter (101W706U01) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Regal (S-402) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Wallace & Tiernan (26234) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
O-350     American (470642) Titan CM Lid, Quantum CM Filter O-ring
O-350V American (470642) Titan CM Lid, Quantum CM Filter O-ring V For Viton   
Fischer-Porter (101W903U01) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
O-351V Fischer-Porter (101W905U01) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
O-352V Fischer-Porter (101W918U01) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Wallace & Tiernan (40040) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
O-354V Fischer-Porter (101W920U01) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
O-355V Advance (OV-11-203) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Kingfeeder/Kingtech (943) Performax Drain Plug O-ring V For Viton 
Regal (S-412) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
O-356V Advance (OV-11-210) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Fischer-Porter (101W715U01) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Wallace & Tiernan (26822) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
O-357V Fischer-Porter (101W718U01) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Wallace & Tiernan (44045) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
Wallace & Tiernan (5745) Chlorinator O-ring V For Viton
O-358 Tiara Spa (F-35) Pure Water Feeder Lid O-ring
Wallace & Tiernan (34497) Chlorinator O-ring
O-359 Fischer-Porter (101W816U01) Chlorinator O-ring
Purex (P-24262/71444) Whisper Flo Diffuser O-ring
Waterway (805-0238) SVL56 Diffuser O-ring Tailpiece
O-360 Hayward (SP-0735-P-2) Teflon Ball Seal
Jacuzzi (47-0126-04) DB3 20 HP Shaft Sleeve O-ring
Regal (S-407) Chlorinator O-ring
O-361 Regal (S-408) Chlorinator O-ring
O-362 Hydro Air  Air Control O-ring
Lomart-Prest Metals (53-075) Tube O-ring
Regal (S-413) Chlorinator O-ring
Sta Rite (41301-0145) CL90/91L Chlorinator Control Dial O-ring
O-363 Hayward (S-200-Z-14) Sand Filter Drain Pipe O-ring After 1980 New Dome
Jacuzzi Plastic M/V Stem O-ring
Regal (S-405) Chlorinator O-ring
Sta Rite (U9-370) Lateral O-ring Sand Filter T150/170/200/240/BP1
Sta Rite (U9-370) Gas Orifice O-ring Replaces 35505-1159 Model SCR
O-364 Fischer-Porter (101W814U01) Chlorinator O-ring
Jandy (2300) Porpoise Hydro Timer Case O-ring
O-365 Sta Rite (WC-298-88) PVC Valve Rep Parts (3 Req.)
O-366 Hayward (C-800F) 800 & 1100 Cartridge Lid O-ring Starclear II
O-367 Swimquip Dial Valve O-ring
Swimquip (14962-35) Large O-ring For Kit
Swimquip (35505-1272) Valve Lid O-ring
O-368 American (501415) 1 ½" T/M Series Lid O-ring M/V
Doughboy (308-1005) ¾ HP Pump O-ring-PPI
Sta Rite (U9-243) Cover O-ring WC Model Valve WC212-150P/150PA
O-370 Jacuzzi (47-0331-05) 2" Union Adapter O-ring
Speck Pump (2920741271) O-ring Strainer Tank Model 433
Swimquip (14930-33) Duetta Plastic Slide Valve Piston, Unitrol Valve O-ring
Swimquip (35505-1318) 2"Piston Plastic Slide Valve O-ring
O-371 American (510056) Small Separation Tank O-ring
Marine (99-8088-5) Small Separation Tank O-ring
O-372 Starbright SP Tank O-ring
O-373 Swimrite (28-828-686) Vertririte Series Tank O-ring
O-374 Swimrite 50-57 Vertical Filter O-ring
O-375 Marine (1600) Tank O-ring
O-376 Landon SS Tank O-ring
O-377 Swimquip (24700-74) Tank O-ring
O-378 Premier (25-311) Pump Lid O-ring
O-379 Swimquip (23383-15) Model X Filter Tank O-ring
O-380 Marine (3760) Tank O-ring
O-381 Marine (6245) Sand Filter Tank O-ring
O-382 American (390022) Power Pump Body O-ring
American (570031) Caribe 52/104 SF Filter 10" Separation Tank O-ring
American Bottom Seal Caribe 52/104 Sq. Ft
O-383 Muskin (037-3430) 20" Tank O-ring
O-384 Hayward (GM-400-F) Valve To Tank Lid O-ring
O-385 Hayward (GM-600-FST) Filter/Valve Threaded Lid O-ring
Universal Skid Pack Filter Tank O-ring
O-386 Doughboy (308-1041) Strainer Body O-ring
O-387 Doughboy (308-1035) O-ring/Inverted "U" Cup Seal 1650
O-388 Doughboy (308-1136) O-ring Seal Selector Shaft 1650
O-389 American (510010) M/V Lid N/S Quad Ring
O-390 Aqua Flo (92200160) Clear Flo Handle O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0213-08) RM2,RM3, RMST S/W Injectors 
Purex (P-24195/71434) Noryl Rotor Shaft O-ring
O-391 American (570078) Commander Center Rod O-ring
Baker Hydro Newport Valve Shaft O-ring
Hayward Center Rod O-ring
Waterway (805-0206) Crystal Water De Filter Slide Valve Top Mount O-ring (2 Required)
O-392 American (510084) 6 Spoke Spider Gasket (Before 1976)
O-392A  American (510084) 5 Spoke Spider Gasket (After 1976)
O-393 Jacuzzi (47-0268-02) PM, TMC Filter Lid, 39-1619-06 Assembly O-ring/Dial Valve
Purex (P-24306/71448) Tahitian Filter Neck O-ring
O-394 Swimquip (24240-4) Cobra & Falcon Body O-ring
O-395 Pac Fab (35-5030) Challenger, Pinnacle Medium Head Diffuser O-ring
Swimquip (35515-1297) DEP 25, HRP 16 Quad Ring Valve Connector CFP Cartridge Filter 
O-396 Kingfeeder/Kingtech (119) O/S Cap O-ring
O-397 Anthony (11027) Sweep Conversion Kit O-ring
O-398 Hayward (S-200-Z-14) 1980 O-ring
Hayward (SP-0605-Z-2) Star Clear Plus Drain Plug O-ring, Stem O-ring
Marine O/S Crank O-ring
Sta Rite (77707-0117) Coil/Tubesheet Sealing O-ring Model SR
O-399 Muskin Valve Seat X Ring
O-400 American (391015) Maxim, Americana II O-ring
Homelite (62772) O-ring
Purex (P-24002/71418) JT Adapter O-ring
O-401 American (391017) Americana II Lid O-ring
O-402 Coleco (33221) Pump O-ring
Speck Pump (2921141210) Lid O-ring Model 90/S90
Sta Rite (U9-357)  JS, JT, JSX O-ring-JW Series
O-403 Anthony (17791) 1½" Plastic B/V Stem O-ring
Polaris (6-505-00) UWF/QD O-ring 
Swimquip (35505-1401) Index Plate & Piston Plastic Pucks O-ring 
O-404 Muskin (037-3417) Body O-ring
O-405 Heldor (12883-03) Dynapure DP Tank O-ring
O-406 Hayward (SP-0550-Z-2) Starlight II Lens Gasket
O-407 Hydrel (8092-S) Lens Gasket 
Sta Rite (05601-0005) Lens Gasket Sunlite Pool Light
O-408 Aladdin Vac Master Lid O-ring
Doughboy (308-1064) Pot To Volute O-ring 
Hayward (GM-142-C-8) O-ring
Premier 550 Noryl Bracket O-ring
O-409 Pac Fab (19-2320) Bulkhead O-ring-Nautilus-FNS-TR100C & TR140C
O-410 Doughboy (308-1153) Tube Support O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0122-08) S/W Injector O-ring
Lomart-Prest Metals (53-101) Tube Support O-ring
O-411 Jacuzzi (47-0355-48) L & PH Series O-ring/LH & LTH, LPH, LPC, LTPH
Jacuzzi (47-0355-16R) DV6 1 1/2" Valve O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0355-06) Sandtrap Filter Lid O-ring W/ Jacuzzi 1 ½" Valve-RMST24, ST27/33
Spec Pump (2921141210) Model 90 Lid O-ring
O-412 Doughboy (308-1075) O-ring
O-413 Jacuzzi (47-0380-47)CFT, CFR Filter Lid O-ring Sher 80 & 120, Landslide/Avalanche Separation Tank 
O-414 Lomart-Prest Metals (53-210) 12" Tank O-ring
O-415 Doughboy (308-1156) 15" Tank Ring
Lomart-Prest Metals (53-213) 15" Tank O-ring
O-416V Hayward (CL-200-LA) Chlorinator O-ring Kit Viton
O-417 Doughboy (308-1140) 2" Inspection Port O-ring
Lomart-Prest Metals (53-215) 2" Inspection Port O-ring
O-418 Hayward (SP-0735-GA) Vari Flo Valve O-ring Kit Teflon Shaft Seal
Sta Rite (U9-244) O-ring & Teflon For Stem Model WC212-150P/150PA
O-419 Pac Fab (35-5329) Challenger Seal Plate Pump Housing O-ring-Waterfall Pump
Swimquip (31935-0001) Posi Flo II Lid O-ring Separation Tank 
O-420 Pac Fab (19-5008) Nautilus FRP/FNS Tank O-ring
O-421 Jacuzzi (47-0233-04) H4 Booster O-ring
Pac Fab (35-5331) Challenger Diffuser O-ring-Waterfall Pump
Waterway (805-0223) Pressur Relief Vavle Handle O-ring Crystal Water DE Filter (2 Required)
O-422 Pac Fab (19-5007) 4" Diameter Adapter O-ring
O-423 Lomart-Prest Metals (53-146) 24" Tank Ring
O-424 Hayward (EC-1287) DE Filter Gauge O-ring Perflex Adapter O-ring
O-425 Baker Hydro (00B7031) Baker II Adapter Valve O-ring
O-426 Ampro (3015-83) Tank Ring
O-427 Jacuzzi (13-0428-09) SS-24 Filter Tank Ring
O-428 Pac Fab (35-2602) O/S 590-RPZ 5" Quad Lid Ring
O-429 Hayward (DE-2400-K) C3000, C4000 Micro Clear Vertical Fiberglass Tank/Pro Grid Tank O-ring
O-430 Hayward (DE-360-K) Micro Clear & Vertical DE S/S, C3000S, C4000S Tank Ring
O-431 Ampro (900-9) Large Spool O-ring
Polaris (9-100-5140) Filter Housing O-ring
O-432 Purex (S-3F) Clean Water Feeder O-ring
O-433 E-Z Chlor (5099-135) Richardson Sea Blue Heldor 22" Filter Tank O-ring
O-434 Monarch (197989) #454 D7 O-ring
O-435 Baker Hydro (00B7027) N/S Bulkhead Adapter O-ring-Lathe Cut
Purex (70213) 00B7027 N/S Bulkhead Union O-ring
Sta Rite (00B7027) HRP36 Bulkhead Connection O-ring-Slide Valve
O-436 Baker Hydro (00B7037) Tri-Filter Lid O-ring
O-437 American (469150) Standard Air Control O-ring
O-438 American (469250) Mini Air Control O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0120-00) RP2, RP3 Injector Cap (After 11-1-91)
Martec (410-504) O-ring
O-439 American (477211) Cylclojet Large O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0248-56) Dial Valve Square Ring   
O-440 American (510162) 2 & 3 Directional Port Valve O-ring
Jandy (1298) Valve Cover O-ring
Jandy (1132) Valve Cover O-ring/Never Lube 2/3 Port Valve
Jandy (R0552200) Back Wash Valve Cover O-ring
Polaris (E-31) Back Up Valve O-ring (1986-1991)
Waterway (805-0151) Serviceable Check Valve O-ring Truseal Cover O-ring
O-441 Hayward (SP-1438-H) Pro Jet O-ring
Polaris (9-100-5132) Timer O-ring
O-442 Pac Fab (19-1424) Star 40, Mytilus B Bottom Piping O-ring 
Speck Pump Casing O-ring Model 420/90/433/S90/98/E90
Spec Pump (2920141210) Model 90 Diffuser O-ring
O-442V  Hayward (CL-110-K) Chlorine Feeder Viton O-ring
O-443 Sta Rite (U9-301) Posi Flo Top O-ring
O-444 Rainbow (17-2318) 320 Chlorinator Bottom O-ring
Rainbow (17-2319) Bottom O-ring N/S Model 320 Chlorinator
O-445 Aqua Flo (FF-13-02) Drain Plug O-ring
Aqua Flo (92200120) Pipe Plug O-ring
O-446 Hayward (DE-2400-Z-3A) Relief Valve Stem O-ring (Order2) 
Purex (P-24010/71420) Soltron O-ring
Spec Pump (412-2) Model 420 Housing O-ring
Waterway (805-0011) Hi Flo Side/Center Discharge 6" Trap Drain Plug O-ring
O-447 Polaris (9-100-5108) Hose Nut, Cuffless Hose O-ring
O-448 Pac Fab (19-1424) Star 40/Mytilus B Bottom Piping O-ring
O-449 Jacuzzi (47-0443-00) Sandtrap Filter Valve to Adapter O-ring W/ 2" Hayward -ST27, 33
O-450 Spec Pump (2921141220) Model 90 Casing O-ring
O-451 Doughboy (308-1113) Silica I, Sand & DE Tank O-ring
O-452 Doughboy (308-1114) Silica II Tank O-ring
O-453 Doughboy (308-1052) 1084,1085,1086 Strainer Body O-ring
Pac Fab (35-4634) Bracket Diffuser O-ring-Dynamo
O-454 Jacuzzi (47-0021-00) Air Cont Fitting Valve Seat O-ring NAC Series/AC2 Series 
Sta Rite (U9-265) Shaft O-ring D Series
O-455 Jacuzzi (47-0106-08) CFR Filter Air Relief O-ring (1-88) For 39254701 Valve/Sher 80 & 120 
O-456 Jacuzzi (47-0118-04) S/W Injector O-ring
Martec/Sonfarrel (400-108) Reed Valve O-ring
O-457 Jacuzzi (47-0165-06) DB3, DB1 Case O-ring
O-458 Jacuzzi (47-0175-04) DC Series Case O-ring
O-459 Jacuzzi (47-0352-41) L Series Pump Lid O-ring Cygnet Series
O-460 Jacuzzi (47-0361-08) RP3 Case O-ring-Cygnet Seal Plate O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0361-48) Cygnet Pump O-ring
O-461 American (393006) Ultra Flo Lid O-ring/multiport Valve Base O-ring/Eclipse Meteor Top Mount Valve Clamp O-ring
American (510116) Eclipse Filter-Side Mount O-ring, Eclipse Filter-Top Mount Clamp O-ring
Jacuzzi (47-0439-06) Cast Iron Pump Lid O-ring (Obsolete 6-90) PJM
O-462 Jacuzzi (47-0232-54) Magnum Pump Diffuser Square Ring
O-463 American (510167) 2" Slip M/V Lid O-ring
Swimquip (35505-1412) 2" M/V Slide Mount Valve O-ring 
Swimquip (35505-1421) 2" Side Mount M/V Lid O-ring 
O-464 Jacuzzi (47-0258-53) L Series CFT &  RPZ Pump Square Ring (After 5-88) Piranha CFR50, 75, 100 & 150-DV 4 & 6-SLPH & SLTPH/A Series LH & LTH/LPH, LPC, LTPH/U Series/6-7 Way Dial Valve Diverter O-ring  
Sta Rite (17140-0026) Seal Plate O-ring Delta Series 
O-465 Martec/Sonfarrel (205-106) Filter Head O-ring
Pac Fab (35-5619) Pinnacle/Tagelus Seal Bracket O-ring
O-466 Jacuzzi (42-2927-06) Sandtrap Filter Adapter For Valve Lid O-ring W/Hayward/ST27, 33
O-467 Olympic (ACM-94-5) Cover O-ring For ACM94
Pac Fab (27-2708) 1 1/4"/1 1/2" Valve Body O-ring/Sand Dollar
Pac Fab (27-2541) TA30/35/40/50/60 Valve Body O-ring-Tagelus 
O-468 Pac Fab (19-3220) Bulkhead O-ring
O-469 Sta Rite (U9-373) Flo Tech, Aquatools, Dyna Glas Seal Plate O-ring-Dyna Jet
O-470 American (530088) Quantum, Titan Tank O-ring (Use After 11-94)/Sandpiper Tank O-ring/Blue Stripe
O-471 American (550015) Sandpiper Tank O-ring (Before 11-94)
O-472 Pac Fab (61-4516) Hatteras Pool Star Light Lens Gasket     
O-473 Waterway (8050383)  50/150 Sq. Ft. Tank O-ring
O-474 Waterway (8050383) 75/125/200 Sq. Ft. Filter Tank O-ring
O-475 Zodiac Nature 2 (17-0061) Cover O-ring
O-476 Aladdin System 2001 Filter Tank O-ring
O-477 Purex (75846) RP/RPF/APF/R Series 400/401/500/501 Seal Plate O-ring
O-478 Purex (75847) RP/APF/R Series 400/401 Pump Lid O-ring
O-479 Pac Fab (27-1151) 2" Valve Top O-ring
Sta Rite (14971-SM20E7) 2" Cover O-ring
Waterway (805-0261) Executive Wet End Volute O-ring
O-480 Pac Fab (35-7038) Purex Triton RP & APF 400, 401 Lid O-ring
O-481 American (390005) Power Pump 3 HP Lid O-ring
O-482 Jacuzzi (13-0235-02) Lens Gasket
O-483 Hayward (SP-0704-HA) Teflon Shaft Seal & O-ring (Kit)
O-484 Swimquip (27001-0061) System 3 Modular Media/DE Filter Tank O-ring Model PLM100/150-ALD50/70
O-485 Swimquip (24850-0008) Sand Tank O-ring System 3 Model S7S50/S7M120/S7D75
O-486 Sta Rite (24850-0009) S8M150 25" Filter Tank Ring System 3 Modular Media Filter
O-487 Pac Fab (19-5310) Nautilus N/S Tank O-ring
O-488 Swimquip (27001-0060 System 3 Modular Media/DE Filter Tank O-ring Before 3/97
O-489 Sta Rite (24751-0006) Tank Ring HRPB24
O-490 Sta Rite (24750-0006) Tank Ring HRPB20, HRPB Series Sand Filters
O-491 Sta Rite (24752-0006) Tank Ring HRPB30
O-492 Sta Rite (05501-0001) Lens Gasket Sunbrite Light
O-493 Doughboy (308-1228) O-ring PPIII
O-494 Doughboy (308-1252) O-ring
Speck Pump (2920941210) Lid O-ring Model 93/21-80BS
O-495 Doughboy (308-1229) O-ring PPIII
O-496 Astral (720R0323069) Tank O-ring
O-497 American (390102) RPM Tank Clamp O-ring/Titan Bulkhead O-ring
O-498 American (590210) Quantum CM/Titan CM Tank O-ring
O-499 Astral (18200600) 721 R Tank O-ring
O-500 Hayward (DEX2400Z3A) O-ring Air Relief Kit
O-501 Pac Fab (27-3109) O-ring Kit
O-502 Comfortzone (HAXFOR-1930) H Series Header O-ring
O-503  Swimquip (35505-0421) Bronze Suction Trap O-ring Lid/Cast Iron
O-504 Hayward (CX-400-G) Easy Clear Filter Head O-ring/Strainer Cover O-ring Northstar
Speck Pump (2921141222) Casing O-ring Model S90/98/E90
O-505 Pac Fab (15-2509) Tank to Butress Square Ring-Waterfall Pump Lid O-ring AFP-180 TR100C/140C
O-506 Pac Fab (35-5329) Challenger Seal Plate Pump Housing O-ring Square Cut
O-507 Hayward (SP-0733-Z-1A) Vari Flow SP715, 716 Teflon Piece For O-508 Kit
O-508 Hayward (SP-0733-ZA) O-ring Key W/Washer 715, 716 Vari Flo Kit
O-509 Hayward PSXA O-ring Kit Actuator Shaft Assembly O-ring
O-510 Hayward SPX4000TS Strainer Cover T-Seal
Hayward (SP4000TS) Strainer Cover O-ring (Afater 2003) T Ring
O-613 Rainbow O-ring For Plate-Concorde
O-615 Rainbow (37009) Concorde Housing O-ring
O-628 Pac Fab (27-3513) Nautilus Bleeder, Seahorse Cartridge Filter O-ring/FNS/TR100C & TR140C Air Bleeder Screw O-ring/Triton C3
O-630 Cartridge Filter Fitting O-ring/Sand Filter 
O-631 Cartridge Filter Fitting O-ring/Sand Filter Waste Adapter O-ring
Speck Pump (2921441210) Union O-ring Model 98
O-636 Pac Fab (27-5300) Full Flow Valve O-ring
O-639 Premier (31-161) 225 MK2 Series Volute O-ring
O-641 Sta Rite (41301-0994) CL90/91L Chlorinator Drain Plug O-ring
O-642 Pac Fab (35-7132) RPF & APF 500 & 501/RP & APF 400 & 401 Adapter Gasket
O-647V Waterway (805-0237V) In Line & Off Line Chlorinator Lid O-ring
O-653 Waterway (805-0339) Crystal Water DE/Cartirdge Filter Body CPL O-ring (2 Required)
O-655 Pac Fab (15-4004) Triton C3 Ring Flange O-ring
O-678 Waterway (805-0239) Swing Vavle O-ring
O-679 Aqua Flo (92200020) A & AC Series 8" Trap Cover O-ring


Gasket Reverse Cross Reference

G-1 Pac Fab (35-3500) Pump Gasket-Paper
G-2 Peerless B/P Hole Gasket
Sta Rite (C20-021) Pump Gasket-Tank/Volute Cast Iron Series
G-3 Aqua Flo (ACF-11/91500000) Commercial Volute Gasket         
Sta Rite (C20-021) Pump Gasket
G-4 Jacuzzi (13-0061-01) Pump Gasket
G-5 Purex Eastside Pump Gasket
G-6 Pac Fab (35-3502) 540 Pump Gasket
G-7 Peerless B/P Round Gasket
G-8 Sta Rite (C20-009) Pump Gasket
G-9 Pac Fab (35-3501) 400 B/V Pump Gasket
G-10 Purex O/S Eastside 8 Hole P/V Gasket      
G-11 H & F Pot To Volute Gasket
G-12 Peerless P/V 2 Hole Gasket
G-13 Sta Rite (N20-26) Pump Gasket
G-14 Monarch Pump Gasket
G-15 Purex O/S Eastside 6 Hole P/V Gasket  
G-16 Luitweiler 4 Hole Small Gasket
G-17 Misc. Light Deck Box Gasket
G-18 Aqua Flo (AF-12-01/91500200) 6" & 8" 3 HP Trap Gasket      
Premier (33-248) Volute To Pot Gasket
Sta Rite (C20-019) Dura Glass, HG Pump Flange Gasket
G-18R Martec/Sonfarrel (320-108) Flange Gasket
G-19 Purex Eastside 2 Hole P/V Gasket 
G-20 Anthony 4Hole P/V Pump Gasket
Purex O/S Eastside Volute Gasket
G-21 Purex Eastside Seal Well Gasket 
G-22 Edgewood Inlet Heater Gasket
G-23 Edgewood Outlet Heater Gasket
G-24 Laars (S-055) Heater Gasket
G-25 Raypak (80004) 1½" Unitherm Governor Gasket
G-27 Luitweiler 4 Hole Large Gasket
G-28      Laars Bypass Round Gasket  
G-29      Laars (S-056) Heater Gasket
Laars Large Tube Round Gasket
G-30 Anthony (27111) Large Tube Seal Gasket
Laars (S-057) Heater Gasket
Laars Small Tube Round Gasket
G-31 South Seas Heater Inlet Gasket
G-32 South Seas Heater Outlet Gasket
G-33 South Seas By Pass Inlet Gasket
G-34 Anthony (12388) Ditron Air Release Valve Gasket
Bio Lab (5470) Tygon Washer
E-Z Chlor (12690-26) Saddle Fitting Gasket
Rainbow (17-2033) Tube Fitting Gasket
G-35 Misc. Fire Hose Coupling Gasket
G-36 Sta Rite (C20-035) Delrin Plastic Volute Gasket
G-37 Laars (S-152) Heater Gasket
Laars Tube Late Style Gasket
G-38 Misc. Manhole 10 x14 Gasket
G-39 Misc. Manhole 4 x6 Gasket
G-40 Sta Rite (N20-35) Pump Gasket
G-41 South Seas By Pass Gasket
Sta Rite (C69-15) Water Slinger D Series
G-42 Arneson/Poolsweep Hose Washer
Letro (D-10) Hose Washer
South Seas Tube Gasket
G-43 Luitweiler Pump Volute Gasket
G-44 Aqua Flo (AF-11/91500050) A Series 1/3 To Volute Gasket
H & F Thick Volute Gasket
Premier (31-276) ½-2 HP Volute Gasket
Sta Rite (C20-72) Pump Gasket-Thick
Swimrite (60-828-276) B/V Pump Gasket
G-44A H & F Thin Volute Gasket
Sta Rite (C20-72) Pump Gasket-Thin
G-45 Marlow VP-153 Strainer Body Gasket
G-46 Hayward (SP-0125-G) Pump Gasket
Marlow (23112) H Series Housing Gasket
G-47 Hayward (SP-0125-H) Pump Gasket
G-48 Marlow (26588) Discharge Gasket
G-49 Marlow (22991) Shim Motor To Lantern Gasket
G-50 Marlow (21034) Tank To Lantern Gasket
G-51 Marlow (21112) Large 8 Hole Cover Gasket
G-52 Sta Rite (N20-39) Pump Gasket
G-53 Hydro/Pac Fab Sweep Motor Gasket      
G-54 Anthony (04465) AJ 105 Sweep Pump Gasket
Sta Rite (C20-079) AJ Series Gasket
G-55 Hydro/Pac Fab 400 Model P/V Gasket
G-56 Hydro/Pac Fab 650 Model Gasket       
G-57 Aqua Flo (AF-12/91500150) 5" Trap Gasket
Premier Volute Gasket
Swimrite (60-828-274) P/V Pump Gasket
G-58 Luitweiler N/S Pump Gasket
G-59 Anthony (15029) Heater Old Rear Header Gasket
G-60 Anthony (15147) Heater Dual Housing Heater Gasket
G-61 Laars (S-245) Heater Gasket
G-62 American (850016) Liner Gasket (2 Req.) Admiral Skimmer
Swimquip (08653-7) Skimmer Gasket
G-63 Sta Rite (WC20-05) Filter Gasket
G-64P Baker Hydro (35B1136) Spa Pak Pump Gasket
Hayward (SP-1500-H) Power Flo Housing Gasket-Paper
G-64R Hayward (SP-1500-H) Power Flo Housing Gasket-Rubber
G-65 Hayward (SP-0145-G) Bracket Pump Gasket 
G-66 Sta Rite (WC20-11) Filter Gasket
G-67 Sta Rite (C20-046) Pump Adapter Gasket D Series
G-68 Hayward (SP-1250-G) Pump Gasket
G-69 Swimquip (16800-11) Pump Gasket
Swimquip (16800-29) O/S XLVI Cork Gasket
G-70 Purex (P-10725) P/V L Series Pump Gasket
G-71 Baker Hydro (35B116) Spa Pak Pump Slinger Gasket
Hayward (SP-0125-F) Motor Shaft Slinger 
G-72 Sta Rite (WC20-16) Sand Filter Gasket
G-73 Purex (P-11200) Flo Valve Gasket
G-74 American (374058) Heater Gasket
Purex (P-11350) Tube Seal Gasket
Swimrite (36-828-122) Heater Tube Gasket
G-75 Purex (P-11150) Flange Gasket
G-76 Purex (P-11250) Valve Gasket
G-77 Purex (P-11175) Valve Gasket
G-78 Sta Rite (WC20-15) Sand Filter Gasket
G-79 Sta Rite (WC20-02) Filter Gasket
Swimrite (30-828-911) Sight Glass Gasket
G-80 Sta Rite D Series Pump Gasket
G-81 Sta Rite (C20-077) C & CC Pump Gasket
G-82 Purex (P-10675) VF30 Gasket
G-83 Hayward (SP-0145-T) Pump Lid Gasket
G-84 Swimrite (14-828-381) Black Hose Washer 
Swimrite (36-828-114) Heater Header Gasket
G-85 Arneson/Poolsweep (G-29) Gear Housing Gasket
G-86 Hayward (SP-0603-F) Cover Gasket
G-87 Hayward (SPST-340-Z-1) 6" In Line Trap Cover Gasket
G-88 Hayward (SP-1411-Z-1-2) SP-1411-1407-1 Gasket
G-89 American (461130) 2" ID Thick Gasket, Double Part, Standard Suction, Standard Fitting, Redwood Inlet Fitting
American (872002) Thin Line Spa Skimmer Gasket/Sandpiper Hub Gasket
American (872012) 2" ID Thick Gasket
Hayward (SP-0023-Z-1-2) Gasket For SP1023,1024,1025 Fittings
G-90 Hayward (SP-0605-F) Cover Gasket
G-91 Hayward (SPST-325-F) 3" In Line Trap Cover Gasket
G-92 Hayward (SPST-330-Z-1) 4" In Line Trap Cover Gasket
G-93 Capitol (G-106) Chlorinator Gasket
Hayward (SP-0102-Z-3) Gasket
G-94 Hayward (SPST-335-Z-1) 5" In Line Trap Lid Gasket
G-95 Baker Hydro (35B1108) Spa Pak Pump Housing Gasket
Hayward (SP-1600-T) Super Pump Housing Gasket/Maxflo
G-96 Hayward (SP-0506-D) Gasket For PVC Niches & Shell Assemblies
G-97 American (395012) Americana, Noryl, Bronze, Ultra Flow Pot To Volute Pump Gasket
G-98 Doughboy (308-1139) Flat Lathe Cut Gasket
Lomart-Prest Metals (53-211) Filter Port Gasket
Pac Fab (15-4538) 2" Bulkhead Fitting Gasket-Triton II-TR100C & TR140C
G-99P Pac Fab (35-3512) 880-881 Pot Flange Gasket
Sta Rite (C20-103) Dura Glass Pump Gasket-Paper
G-99R Sta Rite (C20-103) Dura Glass Pump Gasket-Rubber
Sta Rite (C20-123) 6" Plastic Trap Gasket-JWPA Series
G-99RS Sta-Rite (C20-103) Dura Glass Pump Gasket-Rubber Skinny
G-100 Pac Fab (35-3513) 880-881 Pot Volute Gasket
G-101 Pac Fab (35-3514) 880-881 Bracket Volute Gasket
G-103 Hayward (SPST-345-H) 8" In Line Trap Lid Gasket
G-104 Hayward (SPST-315-Z-1) 2" In Line Trap Lid Gasket
G-105 Hayward (SPST-305-F) 1 ½" In Line Trap Lid Gasket
G-106 Hayward (SP-0602-F) Gasket
G-107 Hayward (SP-0072-C-2) Gasket
G-108 Hayward (SP-1070-4-2) Gasket
G-109 American (793006) Junction Box Sealing Gasket
G-110 American (850016) Liner Gasket (2 Req.) Admiral Skimmer
American (792004) Niche Gasket Standard Holes (3 Req.) Amerilite/Ameriquartz
Sta Rite (05161-0006) Large Light Niche Liner Gasket
G-111 Sta Rite (C20-015) Pump Flange Gasket
G-112P Hayward (SP-1048-D) Vinyl M/D-Paper Gasket
G-112R Hayward (SP-1048-D) Vinyl M/D-Rubber Gasket
G-113  Hayward (SP-1084-B) Skimmer Gasket
Sta Rite (U9-366) U3 Vinyl Skimmer Gasket Model 07017-0126/07017-0127
G-114 Sta Rite (L21-1) Pump Diffuser Ring
G-115P Hayward (SP-1090-E) Vinyl Skimmer Gasket-Paper
Muskin (98-7235) Skimmer Gasket
G-115R Hayward (SP-1090-E) Vinyl Skimmer Gasket-Rubber
G-116 Swimrite (28-828-324) Bracket Mount Gasket
G-117 Swimrite (28-828-325) Washer
G-118 Swimrite (36-828-453) Washer
G-119 Swimrite (36-828-280) Washer
G-120 Swimrite (36-828-266) Pool Control Gasket
G-121 Swimrite (36-828-136) Mixing Box Heater Gasket 
Swimrite (36-828-146) Mixing Box Cover Gasket         
G-122 Jacuzzi (13-0090-06) Check Valve Pump Gasket 8, 10M
G-123 Jacuzzi (13-0178-01) U Pump Gasket
G-124 Jacuzzi (13-0275-03) 4-Way Valve Gasket
G-125  Jacuzzi (13-0273-05) 4-Way Valve Gasket
G-126  Jacuzzi (13-0243-02) Gyromat Valve Gasket
G-127 Jacuzzi (13-0314-06) Pump Gasket (8M, 10M, ULS) (3PJMCH25)
G-128 Jacuzzi (23-0151-00) 1 ¼" Seal Ring
G-129 Jacuzzi (23-0153-08) 2" Seal Ring
G-130  Jacuzzi (13-0300-02) Flange Gasket
G-131 Jacuzzi (13-0276-02) 4 Way Valve Gasket
G-132 Jacuzzi (13-0277-01) 4-Way Valve Elbow Gasket
G-133 Jacuzzi (13-0244-01) Filter Gasket
G-134  Jacuzzi (13-0239-08) 5-Way Valve Gasket
G-135  Jacuzzi (13-1223-04) Gasket
G-136  Jacuzzi (13-0191-04) Gasket (C1 All Others Obsolete 12-91) PJM
G-137 Jacuzzi (13-0192-03) Gasket
G-138 Jacuzzi (13-0329-09) Gasket
G-139 Jacuzzi (13-0136-02) Flange Gasket (C1 3PJMCH25)
G-140 Jacuzzi (13-0878-04) PMT Skimmer Flange Gasket
G-141  Jacuzzi (13-0463-05) SL Skimmer, SD Suction Fitting Gasket
Jacuzzi (13-0888-02) 5-Way Valve Gasket
G-142  Jacuzzi (13-0880-00) M/V Gasket
G-143 Jacuzzi (13-0872-06) Valve Gasket
G-144 Jacuzzi (13-0881-09) Underdrain Gasket
G-145 Jacuzzi (13-0378-09) 5-Way Valve Gasket/Laser System, MFM 15/17/20/24-E15MFM/E17MFM L Series Dial Valve
G-146  Jacuzzi (13-0221-08) Flange Gasket
G-147 Jacuzzi (13-0377-00) M/V Gasket
G-148  Jacuzzi (42-0131-02) Collar Seal Gasket
G-149 Purex (P-29625) A62 Sleeve Pump Shaft
G-150 Hayward (SP-1058-D) Main Drain Gasket
G-151 Hayward (SP-0058-D) Main Drain Gasket
G-152  Hayward (SP-0409-C-2) Fitting Gasket (2 Req.)
G-153  Hayward (SP-1039-C-2) Fitting Gasket (2 Req.)
G-154  Hayward (SP-0084-M) Skimmer Gasket
G-155  Hayward (SP-0097-E) SP-1097,1098 Skimmer Gasket
G-156  Hayward (SP-0090-E) Skimmer Gasket
G-157  Hayward (SP-1085-D) Skimmer Gasket
G-158  Hayward (SP-0099-E) Skimmer Gasket
G-159  Hayward (SP-0577-Z-1) Deck Box Cover Gasket
G-160  Hayward (SP-0710-R) M/V Sight Glass Gasket
Pac Fab (27-1106) Praher Sight Glass Gasket-4 & 6 Way Hi Flo 1 ½"
G-161 Hayward (SP-0071-C-2) Sight Glass Gasket (2 Req.)
Muskin (038-3457) Flat Valve Body Gasket
G-162  Marlow 34EC-15D Tank Gasket
G-163 Marlow 34EC-15D Tank Cover Gasket
G-164 Baker Hydro (28486-0) Old Spa Pak Pump Slinger 
Marlow All AF Series Pump Slinger 
G-165 Baker Hydro (31B9006) Sand Filter Bulkhead Gasket
Purex (10344/70169) 31B9006 Bulkhead Gasket
G-166  Baker Hydro (31B0015) Baker Valve Top Plate Gasket
Purex (10327/70152) 31B0015 BH Valve Index Plate 
Sta Rite (31B0015) Valve Top Plate Gasket
G-167  Baker Hydro (51B1047) Skimmer Face Ring Gasket Holes(2 Req.) Amerilite/Ameriquartz
Purex (51B1047) Face Ring Gasket
G-168  American (792003) Niche Gasket (2 Req.)
Purex (P-24300/71446) O/S Vinyl Niche Gasket
G-169  Diaclear (C46251) MS18 Pump Gasket
G-170  Baker Hydro (35B1150) Spa Pak Pump O-ring
Little Giant (101601) Impeller Housing Gasket
G-171  Doughboy (307-1005) MY205 Skimmer Gasket (2 Req.)
G-172  Regal (G-203) Chlorinator Gasket
Sta Rite (P-64069) P/V Sight Glass Gasket
G-173  Taylor Aqualite PL-89 1603 Gasket
G-174  Hayward (SP-0580-B-A) Cover Gasket 
G-175  Marlow 34EC-15D Pump Inlet Gasket
G-176 Letro (A40) End Ball Gasket
Arneson/Poolsweep (A40) A-1 & A-60 Pump End Bell Gasket
G-177  Baker Hydro (15B0069) 1972 Sand Filter Lid Gasket
Purex (10276/70101) 15B0069 U-Cup Lid Gasket
G-178  Hayward (EC-1003) DE Filter Diaphragm Gasket Perflex
G-179  Rainbow (17-2015) Lifeguard Cartridge Filter Gasket/Standard & Hi Sq. Ft. Module Filter Standpipe Gasket
G-180  American (530004) Spin Filter Shaft Sleeve Gasket
Marine Spin DE Filter Shaft Sleeve
Premier Washer #122
G-181  Aquarius Volute Gasket
G-182  Hayward (S-200-Z-9) Sand Filter Drain Gasket/Cartridge Filter/DE Filter
G-183  Misc. Pipe Flange Gasket 1 11/16" ID
G-184  Misc. Pipe Flange Gasket 1 7/8" ID
G-185  Misc. Pipe Flange Gasket 2 3/8" ID
G-186  Misc. Pipe Flange Gasket 2 7/8" ID
G-187  Misc. Pipe Flange Gasket 3 7/16" ID
G-188  Misc. Pipe Flange Gasket 4½" ID
G-189  Misc. Pipe Flange Gasket 5½" ID
G-190  Misc. Pipe Flange Gasket 6 5/8" ID
G-191  Hydro/Pac Fab 560-700 Series Gasket 
G-192 Pac Fab (35-2627) B/V Gasket
Pac Fab (35-3500) Pump Gasket-Rubber
G-193  Harmsco (635) 15 Hole Cover Gasket
G-194  Purex (P-10825) Uniseal & L Series Bracket To Volute Pump Gasket
G-195  Doughboy (307-1002) MX60RP Inlet Fitting Gasket
G-196  Doughboy (307-1007) Skim Filter Drain Cap Gasket
G-197  Purex (P-10630) BT Series B/V Pump Gasket
G-198  Harmsco (636) 15 Hole Cover Gasket
G-199  Harmsco (671) 27 Hole Cover Gasket
G-200  Harmsco (639) Cover Gasket
G-201  F & W Sprinkler Pump Gasket
G-202  Coleco (34023) Gasket
Doughboy (308-1109) Rubber Washer
Lomart-Prest Metals (53-029) Valve To Tank Gasket
G-203  F & W Jet Pump Gasket
Sta Rite (J-20-11) Well & Irrigation Pump Gasket
G-204  Sears & Sta Rite Sprinkler Gasket
Sta Rite (C20-86) Sears Sprinkler Pump Gasket
G-205  Jacuzzi (13-0151-02) Pump Boot
G-206  Pac Fab (27-3097) Brass B/V Cap Gasket
G-207  Muskin (038-3416) Tank Tube Valve Gasket
G-208  Laars By-pass Round Gasket
Muskin (038-3417) Inside Tank To Valve Washer
G-209  Muskin (038-3435) Self Prime Pump Gasket
G-210  Muskin (038-3436) 5" Position Valve Gasket
G-211  Ampro (646) Pump Gasket
G-212  Ampro (6-146) Gasket
G-213  Muskin (037-5071) Grid Post Gasket
Wallace & Tiernan (44122) Chlorinator O-ring
G-214  Muskin (037-5002) Air Relief Valve Assembly Gasket
G-215  American (391021) Maxim, Americana II Slinger Gasket
Sta Rite (C69-02) Dura Glass Pump Slinger-JW Series
G-216  Sta Rite (N20-25) Gasket
G-217  American (510065) Air Relief Valve Separation Tank Gasket
Hayward (SP-1700-FG) Gasket Only For Drain Plug/Maxflo
G-218  Lifeguard/Rainbow (17-2015) Cartridge Filter Gasket
G-219  Hydro Air (10-3804) Wall Fitting Gasket
G-220  American (510049) 2" Fiber B/W Valve Cap Gasket
Premier (21-391) 2" Valve Fiber Gasket
G-221  Aqua Flo (AF-11-01/91500100) 3 HP Volute Gasket
Premier (35-271) Bracket To Volute Gasket
Premier (39-271) 3-7 1/2" Bracket To Volute Gasket
Purex (P-72999) Guardex T-400 Washer
G-222  Sta Rite (PS20-11) Top Plate Gasket
Sta Rite (PS20-18) Pump Gasket
G-223 Sta Rite (C20-031B) LT Gasket-Seal Plate
G-224  Hayward (SP-1500-RA-1) Pump Check Valve Flap Gasket
G-225  Hayward (SP-1023-Z-3) Inlet Fitting Washer Gasket
G-226  Hayward (SP-1408-C) Vinyl Eyeball Gasket
G-227  Jacuzzi (47-0222-07) PM Filter Valve O-ring     
Pac Fab (19-2404) SCS Return Sleeve Gasket
G-228  American (792046) Spa Light Sealing Gasket (3 Req.)
G-229  Ampro (900-4) Upper Cap Washer
G-230  Hayward (SP-1500-X) Pump Gasket/Power Flo Strainer Gasket
G-231 American (510018) M/V Gasket & Washer (2 Req.)
American (510087) Sight Glass Washer
Sta Rite (33455-8044) Impeller To Shaft Sleeve CSPH/CCSPH
G-232  Laars (F-111) Heater Gasket
G-233  American (850034) Front Access Skimmer Front Gasket
G-234  American (850033) Front Access Skimmer Rear Gasket
G-235  Wallace & Tiernan (40336) Chlorinator Gasket
Sta Rite (17351-0009) Water Slinger Dyna Glas/\Dyna Max
G-236  Regal (G-204) Chlorinator Gasket
G-237  Wallace & Tiernan (37661) Chlorinator Gasket
G-238  Regal (G-202) Chlorinator Gasket (2 Req.)
G-239  Wallace & Tiernan (27594) Chlorinator Gasket
G-240  Jandy(E0116400) Heater Gasket Impeller SUS/BLB
Wallace & Tiernan (27593) Chlorinator Gasket
G-241  Jacuzzi (94-1104-67) SV Basic Skimmer Face Gasket
Muskin (038-3448) Skimmer Frame/Body Standard Gasket
G-242 Muskin (038-3447) Discharge Fitting Gasket-Thru Wall Return 36" P Gasket
G-243  Laars (S-159) Heater Gasket
G-244  Laars (S-156) Heater Gasket
G-245  South Seas Small Silicone Gasket
Anthony (15448) Tube Seal Silicone 
G-246  South Seas Small Silicone Gasket
G-247  Laars (E-244) Heater Gasket
G-248  Pac Fab (19-2031) Crankshaft Sleeve Flat Gasket
G-249 Laars (225) 3/16" Thick Washer
Laars (S-057P) Heater Gasket
G-250  American (510061) Sight Glass Gasket
G-251  Premier (SG364) Sight Glass Gasket
G-252 Laars (S-157) Heater Gasket
G-253 Laars (S-056P) Heater Gasket
Laars Washer
G-254  American (791048) Neoprene Washer
G-255  American (550009) 18" & 24" Sandpiper Hub Gasket
G-256  Anthony (15981) Heater Inlet/Outlet Gasket
G-258  Anthony (SG-364) Sight Glass Gasket
G-259  American (982085) Washer
G-260  Laars (E-327) Heater Gasket
G-261  Laars (E-376) Heater Gasket
G-262  Laars (E-325) Heater Gasket
G-263  Laars (S-151) Heater Gasket
G-264  Hydro VB-40 Volute Gasket
G-265  Luitweiler O/S Pump Gasket
G-266  International Bonnet Flange Gasket
G-267  Sta Rite VB35-1 Submersible Pump Gasket
G-268  Jacuzzi (13-0150-02) VB-21 Gasket
G-269  Hayward (SP-1094-G) Skimmer Gasket
G-270  American (422160) Neoprene Washer
Premier (21-108) Washer Neoprene Dynamic Series I/II/III
Rainbow (17-2222) RDC-25 Filter Body Gasket
G-271  Pac Fab Washer
G-272  American (510004) M/V Cover Gasket
G-273  Anthony (05156) Tank Gasket
G-274  Laars (S-248) Heater Gasket
G-275  Laars (S-246) Heater Gasket 
G-276  Doughboy (327-1007) Friction Washer
G-277  Muskin (037-3408) Drain Cap Gasket
G-278  Doughboy (310-1039) Tube to Spin-O-Cycle Handle Fiber Gasket    
Lomart-Prest Metals (53-047) Tube To Spin-O-Cycle Handle Fiber Gasket
G-279  Lomart-Prest Metals (53-010) Disc O-ring
G-280  Doughboy (307-1001) Gasket-Drain Cap 1120,40,1650,51,1400 & 1500
Doughboy (308-1072) Gasket
G-281  Doughboy (308-1145) Drain to Valve Gasket
Lomart-Prest Metals (53-133) Drain To Valve Gasket
G-282  Doughboy (308-1146) Viewport Lid Gasket
Lomart-Prest Metals (53-120) Viewport Lid Gasket
G-283 Doughboy (308-1147) Viewport Gasket
Lomart-Prest Metals (53-140) Viewport Gasket
G-284  Muskin (036-3400) 1¼" Gasket
G-285  Muskin (036-3401) 1" Nut Gasket
G-286  Premier (27-379) Hercules Filter Lid Gasket
G-287  Anthony Inlet/Outlet #26 Gasket
G-288  Raypak (80007) 2" Unitherm Gasket
G-289  Purex (P11125) Tropic Inlet/Outlet Heater Gasket
G-290  Purex (P11050) C Series Pot To Volute Gasket
G-291  Pac Fab (15-4539) 1½" Bulkhead Fitting Gasket
G-292  Raypak (800075) 151,136T, THWS Header Gasket
G-293  Laars (E-516) Thermostat Cover Gasket
G-294  Pac Fab (27-3004) Screw Type Valve Cap Gasket
G-295  Purex (P-72999) T-400 Guardex Washer
G-296  Pac Fab (35-3515) B/V Pump Gasket
G-297  Pac Fab (35-3506) 460-650 Pump Gasket
G-298  Sta Rite (C20-102) ACP Pump Seal Plate Gasket
G-299  A.O. Smith (99659-1) Inlet Manifold Gasket
G-300  A.O. Smith (996959) Outlet Manifold Gasket  
G-301  A.O. Smith (23789) Spa Element Gasket
G-303  Raypak (800014) Gemini Tube Seal Gasket
G-304  Raypak (800013B) 1½" Flange Gasket
G-305  Raypak (800080B) 2" Flange Gasket
G-306  Swimquip (06490-1) Turbo Head Quad Ring
G-307 Swimquip (14962-21) 1 ½" Caprice, Pantera Valve Square Ring
G-308  Jandy(R0011400) Heater Flow Control Gasket
Laars (S-154) AFJ Flange Gasket
Laars (S-741) Flow Control Gasket (3 Required)
G-309  Raypak (800187) Header Gasket
G-310  Sta Rite (C69-12) C Pump Water Slinger
G-311  Homelite (62363-A) Gasket                    
Jacuzzi (13-0414-05) C/F Filter Tube Gasket
G-312  Raypak (800164) Element Gasket
G-313  Pac Fab (51-3033) Skimmer Gasket
G-314  Pac Fab (19-5004) Poly Gasket
G-315  Swimquip (08652-5) Face Plate Skimmer Gasket
G-316  Jacuzzi (47-0462-06) ERC, RC, RTC Square Diffuser Ring-PH & UPH
G-317  Baker Hydro (00B7000) Control Plate Gasket
Purex (70291)  Housing Gasket Valve Actuator Control Plate
G-318  Coleco (34027) Gauge Gasket
G-319  Coleco Hydro Gasket
G-320  Coleco (30484) Return Fitting Gasket
G-321  Lomart -Prest Metals (43-013) Self Priming Pump Body Gasket
G-322  Muskin (038-3446) Adapter Gasket
G-323  Muskin (038-3434) Viewport Gasket-Fill Port Cap Gasket
G-324  Ampro Selector Valve Gasket
G-325  Lomart-Prest Metals (40-024) 4" Pump Gasket
G-326  Lomart-Prest Metals (42-024) Body Gasket
G-327  Muskin (038-3454) Valve Cover Gasket
G-328  American (871020) Drain Pump Gasket
G-329  Muskin (038-3458) Skimmer Gasket
G-330  American (850077) W/T Skimmer Sealing Gasket Admiral Skimmer
G-331  Coleco (30483) Hydro Skim Gasket
G-332  Muskin (038-3433) Viewport Gasket-Fill Port In & Out Gasket
G-333  Muskin (038-3432) Viewport Gasket
G-334  Muskin (038-3457) Tooled Valve Body Gasket
G-335  Muskin (A-4372) Skimmer Gasket
Muskin (A-4372F) Skimmer Gasket
G-336  Misc. 2" Fire Hose Gasket
G-337  American (510137) Caribe, Olympian, Quantum, Sandpiper 18 & 24, Titan Bulkhead Gasket
Misc. 3" Fire Hose Gasket
G-338  Hayward (SP-0505-G) Shell Assembly Gasket
G-339  Doughboy (308-1076) Gasket
Doughboy (308-1109) Silica Valve Body Port Gasket
G-340  Doughboy (308-1083) Gasket
G-341  Doughboy (348-1033) Slinger Washer
Lomart-Prest Metals (46-029) Slinger Washer Gasket
G-342  Raypak (800204) Bypass 53 Gasket
G-343  Purex (P10925/70942) Tropic Inlet/Outlet Gasket For All Models
G-344  Doughboy (308-1081) Push Pull Valve Cover Gasket
Lomart-Prest Metals (53-157) Plunger Cover Gasket
G-345  Hayward (SP-3000T) Super Pump II Gasket/Seal Plate O-ring Northstar
G-346  Doughboy (307-1023) Deluxe Skimmer 90 Radius Fitting Gasket
Doughboy (308-1110) Return Fitting Gasket
G-347  Muskin (038-3457) 1½" Backwash Cap Solid Gasket
G-348  Hayward (EC1105) DE Filter Diaphragm Gasket
G-349  Aqua Flo (FF-12-02/91500250) 100% Drain Gasket
G-350  Misc. Pipe Flange Gasket 8" ID
G-351  Hayward (EC-2641D) DE Filter Diaphragm Gasket
G-352  Hayward (GM-400-G) Valve Seat Gasket
G-353  Hayward (GM-600-G) Valve Seat Gasket
G-354  Homelite (62665-A) Impeller Housing Gasket
G-355  Monarch (199696) Seal Gasket
G-356  Hayward (C-2500-3-Z-2) Gasket
G-357 Hayward (C-2500-5-B-1) Gasket
G-358 Comfortzone (GKT-7401) Bucket Gasket (2 Req.)
Comfortzone (GKT-7402) Bucket Gasket-Large (1 G-361 Req.)
G-359 Purex (B-94) Aqua Brominator CB8-4 To CB8-45 Square Cut Ring
G-361  Comfortzone (GKT-7402) Bucket Gasket-Small (1 G-360 Req.)
G-362  Hayward (GM-C48-G) Housing Gasket
G-363  American (501407) 1 ½" T/M Series M/V Gasket
Hayward (CX-900-W) Washer For Knob/Cone Gasket
Hayward (SP-0710-Z-16) M/V Non-Metallic Bearing
G-364  Baker Hydro (17B1085) Cartridge Filter Gasket
G-365  Sta Rite (J-20-9) Well & Irrigation Pump Gasket
G-366  Sta Rite (J-20-12) Well & Irrigation Pump Gasket
G-367  Sta Rite (J-20-16) Well & Irrigation Pump Gasket
G-368  Sta Rite (C20-87) Well & Irrigation Pump Gasket
G-369  Hayward (SP-1084-B-3) SP-1084OM Gasket
G-370  American (392048) American Eagle Diffuser Gasket
G-371  American (422160) Power Glas Gasket
Purex (75713) Rubber Washer For Shaft Set Screw On Whisperflo
G-372  American (550060) Sahara Filter Manhole Gasket
G-373  Arneson/Poolsweep (G-29-B) Gear Housing Gasket
G-374  Hayward (SP-1432-E) Jet Air Mini Jet Gasket
G-375  American (451170) Twin Port Sealing Gasket
G-376  Buster Crabbe (20-1040) Pump Gasket
C & R (20-1040) Pump Gasket
Hayward (SP-1438-J) Pro Jet Gasket
G-377  Hayward (SP-1025-Z-12) SP-1025 Gasket (2 Req.)
G-378  Hayward (SP-1025-Z-3) SP-1025 Fiber Slip Washer
Hayward (SP-1035-C) SP-1035 AV Main Drain Fiber Sealing Gasket
G-379  American (453330) Pep Main Drain Gasket
G-380  American (510136) Caribe, Olympian, Quantum, Sandpiper, Titan Bulkhead Thick Gasket 
G-381  Hayward (SP-1434-L) Jet Air III Gasket
G-382  Hayward (S-180-G) S164T,166T, 180T, 220T, 244T Sand Filter/Pro Series Drain Cap Gasket
G-383  American (390008) Power Pump Gasket
G-384  Hayward (DE-2400-S-5) Micro Clear Filter Relief Valve To Tank Gasket Super Star Clear
G-385  Hayward (SP-1035-B) SP-1035 AV Main Drain Neoprene Sealing Gasket
G-386  2 Button Command Center Face Plate Gasket
G-387  Barracuda (ADG-5) Universal Pool Cleaner Floor Gasket
Kreepy Krauly (12-866) Universal Pool Cleaner Gasket
Jandy Universal Floor Cleaner Gasket
G-388  Spec Pump Sand/DE Filter Rim Gasket
G-389  Aqua Leader Skimmer Face Plate Gasket
G-390  Hayward (SP-0710-Z-14) 715 & 716 Valve Non-Metallic Bearing 
Sta Rite (14971-SM10E3) 1 ½" & 2" Stem Washer Side Mount Models 18202-0150/0150H 18201-0200/0200H
G-391  Martec/Sonfarrel (420-512) Eyeball O-ring 7 Teflon Kit
G-392 Waterway (7114000) 1 ½" Union Gasket for All Cyclone Filters
G-393 Waterway (7114010) 2" Union Gasket for All Cyclone Filters
G-394 Waterway (7111930) 75/125/200 Sq. Ft. Filter Drain Cap Gasket
G-395 Doughboy (308-1171) Silica I 4-Way Valve
G-397 Hayward (SP-0680-C) Junction Box Cover Gasket
G-398 Hayward (SP-0704-D) Valve Key Gasket
G-396 Doughboy (307-1022) Silica II Rotor Valve Gasket
G-399 Hayward (SP-0023-Z-2) Double Sided Gasket For Fitting
Sta Rite (09656-0154) Return Gasket Above Ground Skimmer
G-400 Pac Fab (27-2409) 2" Valve Diverter Seal
G-401 American (452220) 2 ½" M/D Single Port Double Standard Suction Fitting Gasket
G-402 American (470640) Luxury Air Control, Adjusta-Swirl Micro Jet, Adjusta-Flow Gasket
G-403  American (791169) Luminator Bulb Assembly O-ring/Aqua Luminator/Quasar
G-404 American (461340) Mini Jet Gasket
G-405 American (461352) Thin Line Spa Skimmer Gasket, Funlite, Luxury Light, Moon-Glow, Mood Light, Luxury Suction Fitting, Luxury Swirl Blaster Jet
G-406 American (510170) 2" M/V Spider Gasket
Sta Rite (14971-0005) 2" Side Mount Seat Spider Gasket Model 14971-0012/WC212-38/144P
G-407 American (453130) Double Port Spa M/D 1 ½" Gasket
G-408 American (461130) 2" ID Thick Gasket, Double Port, Standard Suction, Standard Fitting, Redwood Inlet Fitting
G-409 Hayward (SP-1090-WMG) Wide Mouth Skimmer Plate Gasket
Olympic (ACM83W) Skimmer Gasket
Sta Rite (09656-0152) Wide Mouth Gasket Above Ground Skimmer
G-410 Aquamaster (12972) Return Gasket
G-412 American (570003) Caribe-133 SF Filter, Quantum Bottom Manifold Gasket/Clean & Clear
G-413 Pac Fab (35-7102) Seal Plate O-ring Fits Models After 1994
Purex (75247) Whisper Flo Seal Plate Gasket WFE Pump
G-414 Pac Fab (65-0003) Spa Light Lens Gasket-Hatteras II Face Ring
G-415 American (510217) Eclipse/Meteor Clamp Gasket
G-416 Pac Fab (27-11040) 1 ½" Praher Diverter Gasket/Spider Gasket Top Mount Clamp On
Sta Rite (14971-SM10E12) 1 ½" MV Spider Gasket
G-417 Pac Fab (27-1148) 2" Praher Diverter Gasket-Spider Gasket M/V 2"
G-418 Hayward (SP-0740-D) Valve Seat Gasket
G-419 Laars (S-780) 2" Flange Gasket
G-420 Sta Rite (C69-23) Slinger JW Series/JS Series
G-421 Sta Rite (WC(-2) Side Mount Valve Sight Glass O-ring Model WC212-150P/150PA
G-422 Sta Rite (C20-100) Gasket For Impeller D Series
G-423 Sta Rite (17150-0007) Lid Gasket JS Series Dura Jet
G-424 Sta Rite (C20-101) Sleeve Gasket CC/C Series
G-425 Sta Rite (41301-0785) CL90/91L Chlorinator Scoop Gasket
G-426 Sta Rite (C69-16) Water Slinger D Series
G-427 Sta Rite (33455-8043) Impeller To Washer Gasket CSPH/CCSPH
G-428 Sta Rite (L20-40) Bushing Gasket PLBC Series
G-429 Sta Rite (33450-8042) Volute Discharge Gasket CSPH/CCSPH
G-430 Sta Rite (33450-8041) Volute Suction Gasket CSPH/CCSPH
G-431 Sta Rite (SO4757) Volute To Bracket Gasket CSPH/CCSPH
G-432 Sta Rite (09656-0150) Above Ground Skimmer Gasket
G-433 Sta Rite (05103-0101) Sunbrite Housing Gasket
G-434 Sta Rite (07017-0079) Drain Gasket
G-435 Sta Rite (05057-0667) Rubber Face Ring Gasket Vinyl Liner Niche
G-436 Sta Rite (14962-0017) Spoke Gasket Top Mount Valve
Sta Rite (14965-0028) Plug & Gasket Assembly Model WC112-148
G-437 Sta Rite (14971-0011) 2" Side Mount Sight Glass Gasket Model 14971-0012/WC212-38/144P
G-438 Sta Rite (WC-2022) Spider Gasket Model WC212-150P/150PA
G-439 Sta Rite (14971-SM20E12) 2" M/V Spider Gasket
G-440 Sta Rite (05301-0001) Sunburst Lens Gasket
G-441 Sta Rite (05161-0001) Large Light Niche Integral Gasket For SS
G-442 Sta Rite (05166-0001) Small Light Niche Liner Gasket
G-443 Sta Rite (05166-0002) Small Light Niche Integral Gasket For SS Trim
G-444 Sta Rite (05101-0008) Large Light Niche Liner Gasket
G-445 Sta Rite (05161-0004) Large Light Niche Channel Gasket
G-446 Sta Rite (35505-7432) Manifold O-ring
G-447 Waterway 711-4050 1 1/2" O-Ring Gasket Heater Tall Piece with Rib
G-448 Waterway 711-4030 2" Heater Tail Piece O-Ring Gasket with Rib
G-449 American 51021500 Bulkhead Gasket
G-450 American 87206300 Sealing Gasket
G-451 American 86300500 Eclipse Water Drain Gasket
G-452 Purex 074015 Flow Valve Gasket
G-453 Hayward CZXGKT7627 C Spa XI Model Element Gasket
G-454 Hayward SPX1085D2 1085 Skimmer Gasket
G-455 Hayward CHXGKT1930 Header Gasket HM Series (2 needed)
G-456 Hayward CZXGKT7408 Gasket Heater
G-457 Jandy (R0050800) Header Gasket F
Laars (R-508) Header Gasket (Set of 18)
G-458 American 51015900 2/3 Port Valve Gasket
G-459 American (461355) Gasket for Pleasure Jet
G-460 Hayward (EC-1039) Perflex Diaphragm Gasket
G-461 Hayward (EC-5000G) Diaphragm Gasket
G-462 American 79204603 Gasket Only
G-463 American 79207900 Double Wall Gasket
G-464 American 79207900 Kit for Small Niche Spa Brite / Aqua Light
G-465 American 79200700 Double Wall Gasket 
G-466 American 79200700 Gaskets and Double Wall Gasket for Amerlite and Amerquartz Niche
G-467 Hayward / Comfortzone Flange Compression Gasket  CZXFC1930
G-468 Laars Flange Gasket 1 1/2" - 2"   S0078100 
G-469 Laars 2" Flange Gasket and Sleeve R0054800
G-470 Comfortzone / Hayward CZXGKT7406 Flange Compression Gasket (set of 2)
G-471 American 78880200 Aqua Lumin I & II Gasket
G-472 EZ Chlorinator - Flow Meter Top Gasket 
G-473 EZ Chlorinator - Flow Meter Bottom Gasket 
G-474 Jacuzzi 13120704  Vinyl Liner M/D Gasket
G-475 Jacuzzi 13041108  Skimmer Face Plate
G-476 EZ Chlorinator Float Arm Valve Seal Gasket