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Pentair IntelliTouch i5+3S Personality Kit
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  Manufacturer: Pentair  

Pentair IntelliTouch i5+3S Personality Kit

Pentair IntelliTouch i5+3S Personality Kit 521223

The IntelliTouch Pool Spa Computerized Control System is an easy to use yet highly adaptable and very sophisticated pool & spa control. With the ability to control from 5 to 40 devices it is hard to imagine the pool or spa the IntelliTouch will not simplify.

The IntelliTouch pool and spa control can save you money by automating your pool operation. Instead of relying on your memory or a limited mechanical time clock to shut down and start up your equipment, have the IntelliTouch take care of your pool for you.

IntelliTouch Pool Spa Computerized Control System Features:

  • Control up to 40 circuits for running pumps, blowers, lighting, water features, etc. (You can even run non pool equipment such as yard lighting)
  • Feature Circuits even add Macro possibilities, where any number of circuits can be combined on a single button.
  • You can dim any high voltage incandescent light up to eight levels using the IntelliTouch Dimmer Module Option.
  • Various options available including light dimming, smart home interface, spa-side remote switches, valve actuators for water flow control, additional indoor wired or wireless user interface control panels, and even telephone remote control or PC interface.
  • Enables IntelliTouch users to control their pool and spa features using wireless color touch screen devices including PDA and Tablets. ScreenLogic systems now have advanced features such as remote monitoring and control over the internet and email alerts for specific events.
  • Wired interface options are also available to control pool and spa features via a desktop or laptop PC from within the home or on the road.
  • Advanced Color Lighting - Enables users to experience a world of lighting animation when teamed up with Pentair, IntelliBrite, SAM , SAL, and/or FIBERworks.
  • MobileTouch® Wireless Remote Accessory - Allows any IntelliTouch® Systems wired system to also have a wireless remote with all capabilities of the indoor control panel. With an average range of 300 feet, pool owners have system control anywhere around the home or yard.
  • Interfaces with IntelliChlor Chlorine Generators.

How do I select an IntelliTouch?

A basic IntelliTouch System consists of three key items that you need to purchase to get started.

  1. Personality Kit

    The Personality Kit determines how much and what type of equipment your IntelliTouch can control.
    • If you have a pool OR spa, choose a "Single Equipment" personality kit.
      (Found on this page)
    • If you have you have a pool AND a spa and they share a pump and filter and heater then get a "Shared Equipment" personality kit.
      Find a Shared Equipment Personality Kit
    • If you have you have a pool AND a spa and have two separate sets of equipment (2 filters, 2 heaters, etc) get a "Dual Equipment" personality kit.
    • Lastly pay attention to the "Auxiliary" number and make to sure to get enough of them. An Auxiliary is any device you want to run that is not the pool pump or heater. For example, if you wanted to run a pool light and a waterfall pump those would count as two "auxiliaries".
  2. Power Center

    The power center is a box for the main circuitry of the IntelliTouch. The power center comes two ways.
    • "Power Center" an outdoor rated enclosure for your new IntelliTouch. The Power Center does not have a space inside it to install circuit breakers for your pump, light, etc. (those need to be in a separate breaker box).
    • The "Load Center" is like the Power Center but also has slots in it to hold the breakers for the pump, lights, etc. This can simplify the wiring of the equipment...
    • Find a Power Center
  3. System Controller

    This is where you select how you are are going to control your IntelliTouch unit.
    • Indoor Control Panel - This is a wired indoor control panel that is normally mounted near the back door of the home to allow monitoring and control of the pool indoors. This panel has a 3.75" monochrome operations display panel.
      Find this Panel Here
    • Mobile Touch - This is a wireless Control panel that functions like the regular indoor control panel, but is wireless and has up to a 300 foot range allowing control of the pool from many locations.
      Find this Panel Here
    • Personal Computer Interface Kit (iTC15) - This allows you to interface your IntelliTouch and control it from a existing computer. This kit contains an interface adapter and a wireless router.
      Find a Home PC Interface kit
    • PDA Interface Kit *Personal Digital Assistant* (iTC25) - This kit comes with a wireless color touch screen PDA custom configured to interface with the IntelliTouch control. This kit contains an interface adapter and a wireless router.
      Find a Touch Screen PDA Interface kit
    • In-Wall Color Touch Screen Control (iTC35) - This kit comes with a 8.4" Color in-wall touch screen to control your IntelliTouch. This kit contains an interface adapter and a wireless router.
      Find a Color Touch Screen Interface kit
    • Touch Screen Tablet PC Controller" (iTC45) - This kit comes with a 8.4" Color touch screen mounted in a wireless tablet PC to control your IntelliTouch. This kit contains an interface adapter and a wireless router.
      Find a Touch Screen Wireless Tablet Interface kit
    • Wireless Router Connection Kit - If running a wire from the pool equipment to the wireless router indoors is impractical, this kit provides two transmitters to take the place of the hardwiring to the router.

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