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Pentair Sun Touch Control System
for Combination Pool & Spa
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  Manufacturer: Pentair  

Pentair Sun Touch Control System

Pentair Sun Touch Control System 520820

This Pentair SunTouch automation system if for a combined pool and spa that share equipment.

The Pentair SunTouch automation system can control the filtering and heating cycles of your pool to keep your pool and spa comfortable and clean, for a more relaxing and enjoyable pool experience. Flexible and expandable, the SunTouch provides the capabilities required by a modern pool system. In addition to controlling your pump and heater, the standard SunTouch package has the ability to schedule operation of additional functions, such as your lights or automatic cleaner. You can also add a third valve actuator to automate a solar heating system or water feature.

If youíre still using an antiquated time clock to set your filtration and heating schedules with, itís time to upgrade to a SunTouch automation system! Designed for pool and spa combinations that share a common filtration system, SunTouch does all the work while you relax. Per your programmed schedule, SunTouch rotates motorized valves from pool mode to spa mode, allowing the heater to bring your spa up to your pre-selected temperature. When the programmed time is finished, the system switches back to pool mode. Should you decide to take an unplanned dip, simply switch to manual mode and control the valves with the touch of a button. Auxiliary circuits allow you to operate additional features, so you can set run times for your automatic cleaner, switch your pool lights on and off, or even schedule operation of your solar heating system. Whatís more, SunTouch can extend your pump and heater life, because your equipment wonít be running when it doesnít need to. And you can even save on your utility bill by scheduling operation during off-peak electrical rates. Replace your manual time clock with the convenient, economical control solution.

The SunTouch is compatible with an optional QuickTouch Wireless Remote which allows you to ready your pool or spa for relaxation from the comfort of your poolside loungeóor almost anywhere up to 150 feet from your pool equipment area.

Optional IntelliChlor Chlorine Generator converts ordinary table salt into pure chlorine, keeping your water clear and safe. No more handling and storing chlorine, and no more odor, stinging eyes, irritated skin, or bleached-out swimsuits!

This SunTouch system (for a combined pool and spa that share equipment) includes:
  • Power center with push-button digital control panel and backlit LCD readout
  • One circuit to control filtration and two additional accessory circuits available
  • Two valve actuators for automatic switching between pool and spa mode (an optional third valve actuator can be added for use with auxiliary functions, such as solar panels)
  • Two sensors to monitor air and water temperatures
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Support for IntelliFlo VF, IntelliFlo VS-3050, IntelliChlor, and QuickTouch Wireless Remote
  • One-touch function controlóno complicated routines to memorize.
  • Ability to program pool and spa and two additional features. All circuits in the system can control four operating schedules (maximum six total schedules per system).
  • Compatible with gas heaters and solar systems.
  • Temperature control can be set in one degree increments.

An Eco Select Brand Product

The Eco Select brand identifies Pentair's greenest and most efficient equipment choices. SunTouch automation systems can optimize energy use and equipment performance by automating and synchronizing equipment scheduling. This prevents problems and waste when users rely on their memories or limited time clocks to operate or turn off equipment.

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