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Pentair AcuCheck 3 Electronic Water Tester
Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity
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  Manufacturer: Pentair  

Pentair AcuCheck 3 Electronic Water Tester

Pentair AcuCheck 3 Electronic Water Tester 745000110

Keeping on top of your pool chemistry is the best way to protect your pool and equipment, and ensure a pleasant pool experience for you and your guests. AcuCheck3 tests water electronically to provide highly accurate pool water chemistry data with digital readings. Easy to use, simply fill the test tube and you have a precise chemical reading at the press of a button. Now get accurate chemical readings easily at home without having to go to the pool store. Four models available to customize testing: pH, Chlorine, Alkalinity; pH, Chlorine, Cyanuric Acid; pH, Chlorine, Bromine; pH, Bromine, Alkalinity. AcuCheck3 comes with 90 reagent tablets, test tubes, crushing stick and convenient tablet container.

Nothing is more inviting or enjoyable than sparkling clean and clear pool water. Now it’s dramatically simpler to keep it that way. AcuCheck3 uses DPD chemistry, the most widely used and effective way to measure chlorine and PH in water, and is accurate to 0.1 ppm. No more test strips, no more guesswork. And best of all, a healthy and more comfortable swim.

With AcuCheck3™ you can quickly and confidently test your pool’s chemical balance right at poolside. Hand-held and easy to use, AcuCheck3 is available in four models, with one right for your testing needs. Each determines pH and sanitizer (chlorine or bromine) levels with pinpoint accuracy. Plus, depending on the model you choose, it also tests for alkalinity, secondary sanitizer, or cyanuric acid level. No more guesswork with test strips. And no more unwanted trips to the pool store.

Now you’ll instantly have the information you need to properly manage pH levels and sanitizer and keep your pool water in balance to prevent eye irritation, cloudy or acidic water, stained pool walls, odor, corroded equipment and bacteria.

  • Precise and easy hand-held photo spectrometer testing
  • Choose the model that fits your specific needs and chemical treatment strategy
  • Quick and easy – simply fill and insert a test tube, press a button, and you have your reading
  • Digital readout is extremely accurate
  • Everything you need for water testing is stored in a convenient compartment inside the AcuCheck3

This model measures:

  • Model 745000110 – Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity

AcuCheck3 Hand-Held Precision Photometer