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Compool Additional / Replacement Spa Jets Switch (for Multiple Jet Pumps)
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  Manufacturer: Compool (PENTAIR)  

Compool Additional / Replacement Spa Jets Switch (for Multiple Jet Pumps)

Compool Additional / Replacement Spa Jets Switch RCS1


Used as Remote Control for Lx-80 Commericial Pool-Spa Control System. A total of 2 Remote Controls may be used per system.


Select a convenient location (at least five feet from the water's edge) to mount the Remote Control, and provide a standard single-gang electrical box at this location. The electrical box must be rated for outdoor use if Remote Control is located outdoors.


Install 2-conductor 22AWG cable between Remote Control and LX-80 Control Center. Provide plastic or metallic conduit wherever cable runs underground, though concrete, etc.


At the LX-80 Control Center, make connections to the circuit board which is located behind hinged faceplate in left-side compartment. Strip insulation of each wire 1/4", and connect first Remote Control to REM 1 screw termininals. If a second Remote Control is being used, connect to REM 2 screw terminals. Connections have no polarity, so color-coding is unimportant.


At the remote Control, strip insulation of each wire 1/4" and make connections to screw terminals # 3 and # 4 on switch contract block in accordance with Wiring Diagram. Posistion gasket over back of switchplate, and mount to electrical box using mounting screws provided.

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