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Isis Spa Bromine Generator
ISIS-1 $620.49  
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Isis Spa Bromine Generator

Isis Spa Bromine Generator ISIS-1

Isis Spa Automatic Bromine Generator

No more adding tablets, no more turning cloudy make your spa clean and trouble free with the Isis Bromine Generator. The Isis Brominator converts simple salt into a powerful bromine sanitizer, keeping your water crystal clean, sanitized and ready for use at all times.

Simply hook the Isis up to your existing spa control, put the cell in the system and you are ready to go.

Frequently asked questions about the Isis Spa Bromine Generator:

Do I have to keep adding Bromine to the water?
No you add our special Tru-Blu Salt to the water and it makes the bromine your spa needs.
How often do I have to add more Tru-Blu Salt?
You only have to add more Tru-Blu Bromine Salt if you drain the spa or lose water in some other fashion, Tru-Blu Salt can make bromine over and over without being added again.
How much Tru-Blu Salt does my spa need?
You need between 1 and 1-1/2 pounds of Tru-Blu Salt per 100 Gallons of spa water. A spa that is 400 gallons that has a 2 speed pump would need 6 lbs of Tru-Blu Salt.
Does the Isis use a lot of power?
The Isis uses very little power (20 watts) less than most light bulbs.
What voltage is the Isis?
The Isis operates on 110 or 220 volts.
How often does the cell need replacement?
The cell will last for years, the manufacturer backs the cell with a full 3 year warranty (no prorating).
Will the Isis hook up to my current spa?
The Isis will hook to the ozone receptacle or pump hookup on virtually any spa.
Does the Isis mean no more chemistry checks?
You will still need to monitor the chemistry like in any spa, but with the Isis it can be more regular and predictable.
Do I have to clean the bromine cell?
The bromine cell is self cleaning.

Isis Bromine Generator Warranty

Factory Warranty 5 years on electronics 3 years on cell (not pro rated)

Isis Spa Bromine Generator ISIS-1 
ISIS Spa Bromine Generator Owners Manual