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Laing ACT-303-BTW Laing Auto-Circ Pump with Timer and Thermostat
Threaded Plumbing Connections
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  Manufacturer: Laing Thermotech  

Laing ACT-303-BTW Laing Auto-Circ Pump with Timer and Thermostat

Laing ACT-303-BTW Laing Auto-Circ Pump with Ti 9967

The Laing AutoCirc Pump is designed to provide hot water from your faucets immediately. This will save you energy, water and money.

How Does The AutoCirc Pump Work?

The Laing AutoCirc pump is installed under the sink or faucet farthest from the water heater -- where hot water usually takes the longest amount of time to arrive. A built-in temperature sensor automatically turns the on when the water temperature in the hot water supply line cools down to 85 F. This cool water in the hot water supply line is then pumped into the cold water line and back into the water heater.

The Laing AutoCirc pump turns off automatically when the hot water supply line to the faucet reaches 95 F, ensuring the instant availability of shower warm water with maximum temperature hot water only seconds behind. When the pump is automatically turned off by the built-in thermostat, an auto closure device prevents hot or cold water from mixing in either supply line.

Hot water will also be instantly available at all other faucets in the supply line between the water heater and the faucet where the pump is installed.

Laing AutoCirc Pump Features:

  • Does not require a return line.
  • Requires only 33 watts of power.
  • Comes complete with a 6 ft. long power cord.
  • requires only one pump and one installation for all fixtures on the hot water plumbing line. (for many homes this is all the sinks and baths in the house)
  • Has built-in fixed thermostat or an optional, adjustable thermostat.
  • Saves the average family of four up to 17,000 gallons of water annually.
  • Is silent during operation.
  • Saves energy, money, water and pays for itself in a short period of time (see energy saving chart).
  • Has a built-in 24 hour timer which allows the selection of system operating periods to suit family usage.

Laing AutoCirc Pump Energy Savings Chart:

Calculations based on: Water cost= $2.02/100ft3. Sewer surcharge = $ 1.35/100ft3. Notes: Use of insulated copper supply line on Autocirc system would result in additional savings. Actual savings may differ from household to household depending on a variety of factors incl. water use habits, length of hot water supply line, number of home occupants, etc. Above summary based study and analysis prepared by Edward Saltzberg and Associates, Consulting Mechanical Engineers. Copies of this detailed analysis are available on request from Laing Thermotech, Inc.

Laing AutoCirc Pump Typical Installation Chartt:

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