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Cartridge Filters - Pentair - Filters

Caribe 133, 184 & 368 Cartridgege Filter
 Models:  133,  184,  368
Caribe 52 and 104 Cartridge Filter
 Models:  Caribe 104,  Caribe 52
CF 40/60/80 Fiberglass Filters
 Models:  CF40,  CF60,  CF80
CF100 or CP150 Cartridge Filter
 Models:  CF100,  CP150
CFM Fiberglass Filter
 Models:  115,  120,  180
CFW™ - Stainless Steel
 Models:  CFW120,  CFW180,  CFW315,  CFW405,  CFW560
Clean & Clear Plus Fiberglass Filter
 Models:  CCP240,  CCP320,  CCP420,  CCP520
Clean & Clear/Predator Fiberglass Filter
Commander Fiberglass Cartridge Filter
Commander II Cartridge Filter
DM Cartridge Filter
Dynamic® Series I
 Models:  RDC
Dynamic® Series II & III RTL or RCF
 Models:  RCF,  RTL
Dynamic® Series IV
 Models:  DSF
Dynamic® Series IV DFM or DFML
 Models:  DFM,  DFML
Dynamic® Series V - DSC/SWS Safety Wall Skimmer
 Models:  DSC,  SWS
Mitra Stainless Steel Filter
Models TXC25 or TXC50 Cartridge Filter
 Models:  TXC25,  TXC50
Models TXC25B, TXC50B, TXC75 OR TXC100
 Models:  TXC100,  TXC25B,  TXC50B,  TXC75
Mytilus 30 Fiberglass Filter
Mytilus B Molded Plastic Fiberglass Filter
Mytilus Fiberglass Filter 60
 Models:  100,  60,  80
Mytilus Fiberglass Filter MY
 Models:  MY140,  MY90
Mytilus FMY Fiberglass Filter
 Models:  FMY100,  FMY150,  FMY80
Posi-Clear PXC75 or PXC150
 Models:  PXC100,  PXC125,  PXC75,  PXC95
Posi-Flo II PTM135
 Models:  PTM135
Posi-Flo II PTM50, PTM70 & PTM100
 Models:  PTM100,  PTM135,  PTM50,  PTM70
Posi-Flo T-50TX - 100TX, T-50TXR - 100TRX
 Models:  T-100TX,  T-100TXR,  T-50TX,  T-50TXR,  T-70TX,  T-70TXR
Posi-Flo TX or TRX Stainless Steel Filters
 Models:  100GPM-TX,  100TX,  100TXR,  135GPM-TX,  135TX,  135TXR,  35GPM-TX,  35TX,  35TXR,  50GPM-TX,  50TX,  50TXR,  70GPM-TX,  70TX,  70TXR
Predator Fiberglass Cartridge Filter
 Models:  CC 100,  CC 150,  CC 200,  CC 50,  CC 75
Quantum CM Molded Composite Material Cartridge Filter
 Models:  175,  350,  500
Quantum RPM Black Polopropylene Cartridge Filter
Quantum Stainless Steel Cartridge Filter
 Models:  175,  350
Sea Horse FSH Fiberglass Filter
Sea Horse INS Polymeric Filter
Sea Horse Stainless Steel Filter
Standard & High Sq. Ft. Module Filters
System 2 Cartridge Filters
 Models:  PLM100,  PLM125,  PLM150,  PLM175,  PLM200,  PLM300
System 3 Modular Media Filter S7M120, S8M150
 Models:  S7M120,  S7M400,  S8M150,  S8M500