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Spa Jets Losing Strength?

Many spa owners notice that their spa jets lose power over time. Often the suspect is a bad pump, but sometimes a lack of power has to do with a spa jet problem.

Spa jets feel the way they do because of the mix of air and water together. Without the air a jet is like a garden hose held underwater, you feel the water motion but not the hydro-therapy power that makes a spa jet so relaxing. In most cases a lack of strength at the jet is really a lack of air suction.

Many spa jets have parts that wear with time and can lose air suction over the life of the jet. Replacement of these parts can fix the problem and make the flow seem strong again. You can find replacement parts for many spa jets in our newly expanded spa jet section.

If you do not see your jets you can email a picture of them to our technical staff at: We can usually help you identify your jets.

If you would like to know more about spa jets check out our article "Spa Jets Explained".